Thursday, 18 September 2014

Homework Motivation & How to Organise a School Planner

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would be really lovely and give you guys some lovely homework advice, because we all hate it but have to do it. Also, I seem to be quite a nifty homework doer, which probably seems like a really weird thing to have in your bragging rights, but it also means that I am always on top of my homework and never have to spend all Sunday doing it.

Homework Motivation

I don't know whether it is just me, but I really like to know that I have done my homework and that I won't have heaps of it to do later, and for me that is enough motivation for me to do my homework. However, I do know that a lot people really do struggle to just get their heads down and do it.
Firstly, if you have study periods at school use them to study rather then socialise, you will find that this way you will have a lot less to do at home,  and it makes your time in school a little more worthwhile.
Secondly, set a time period in the evening to do your homework, for me that is 4:30-6:30pm, this gives me time to have a little chill when I get in the front door and then knuckle down and do some work for a good couple of hours afterwards.
Also, prioritise your homework... don't just do the easy bits first, do the bits that are due in first, first, so that way you can relax and know that everything will be done on time. This also gives you chance to find help if you cannot do it.
Reward yourself... perhaps after finishing all of your homework, have a chocolate bar or a packet of sweets. Know that it is okay to have a treat every now and again, especially if you know that it is going to motivate you to work harder.
When you are in your study space make sure that it is somewhere without distractions. For example, I find it easier to do my work on my dining table rather then the desk in my bedroom because there are less distractions there and I also have more space there. Also, if you have to do online research make sure you don't get distracted by other internet luxuries. This is why I find myself doing most of my research in the school library.

School Planner Organisation

My biggest tip is to make sure that you record absolutely every piece of homework you are given, or every piece of private study you are told to do.`This way you can ensure you didn't miss something, and you are getting all of the correct work done. Also, you should write down any important dates in your planner, such as exams and community projects.
I like to use colour in my planner to not only make it look cooler, but to also to make my planner easier to read. I will highlight the subject in yellow, and then highlight the due date in green when the work is completed. I also highlight any homework I do not understand in pink so that I remember to ask for help when I am at school.
I hope this post helps you become more organised and motivated to do you homework.
EmilyBelleBlogs x