Thursday, 11 September 2014

Jica Nail Magic Review

Hello Everybody,
A few months I did a post about Jica Lash*, and at the same time I was also sent a product by Jica called Nail Magic*, which is a nail strengthener and conditioner. I was quite excited about this product, however I wouldn't necessarily say I have much trouble with my nail strength. The reason for this posts delay however, is because it takes a while for this product to work, therefore I didn't want to do a dishonest review and wanted to wait a while.


The product comes in a tinie tiny 7.4ml bottle which is packaged in another box, which is good because it keeps the little glass bottle secure on it's travels to your home. The little bottle the product is in itself is very slim and sleek, and I very much like that because it also means it is very portable. I also really like the purple colour scheme that the bottle has, as well as it's very professional looking branding. However, the brush was a little frayed and odd, which makes the product tricky to apply.

Doing it's job

I think that this product does it's job, however as a baker I haven't consistently been wearing it, as I'm not really meant to have things on my nails when cooking. I definitely see a difference when I do use this product however, particularly as I do have one nail that has a tendency to peel, and it does seem to be much better after use, however not completely better, but again that could be to do with my inconsistency of use.
The product actually instructs you to use it twice a week for 8 weeks and then once a week until the product runs out after. I've been a bit naughty and not followed these instructions *slaps wrist* whoops. The great thing about this product however, is that it can be used as a base and top coat, and therefore can be worn with actual nail colours. But it does stink terribly.


The Nail Magic* costs £10.45 which I do think personally think is a bit pricey for how much product you get. However, if you are somebody that has really damaged nails and wants to get them fixed with an affordable product, then I do recommend this.

I hope you enjoyed this review.
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