Tuesday, 16 September 2014

School Evening Routine

Hello Everybody,
As I am hoping you would have all seen, last week I did a post on my School Morning Routine, so I thought that today, would be a good day for me to write about what I do when I get home from school also, in case some of you are either nosey and want to know what I do, or simply need help creating an evening routine yourself.
When I get home at about 4pm, I like to grab myself a quick snack, and check all of my social media accounts, and I occasionally watch a little bit of TV also. At about 4:30pm I then like to do my homework that I recieved on the day. Sometimes I will get too much to do for one night, but I like to do as much as possible until my dinner is ready so I can keep on top of it...
Then, clearly I eat my dinner, after packing away my school bag. Once I have finished my dinner I will then head upstairs and get out of whatever I have been wearing for the day, and if I have a club, such as swimming, hockey or explorers I will get ready for that.
If I do not have a club I will then give myself a bit of relaxing free time on my bed. I will either go on my laptop and watch Youtube videos, catch up with blogs, go on twitter or window shop. Go on my phone and spend hours on Weheartit or all of my social medias. Or even watch some TV... a few of my favourite TV programmes are Casualty, Holby City, X Factor, Virtually Famous or even My Mad Fat Diaries or Happy Valley when they are on.
At about 9:30pm if I haven't been out in the evening I like to try and turn off all of my electronics, although I will be honest and say I do find this fairly hard. I will then go for a shower, do my skincare routine and get ready for bed.
Once I am all cosy in my pajamas I like to snuggle up in my bed and read a book, and occasionally I will listen to a bit of music on Spotify... I am really liking the song Tee Shirt by Birdy at the moment, which believe it or not is another Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, but we all know that I loved the choice of music for that film. I will then try and turn my light out at about 10:30pm, after putting on some hand cream *that bit is important guys!*.
I hope you enjoyed my school evening routine and I will see you on Thursday I believe.
EmilyBelleBlogs x