Tuesday, 9 September 2014

School Morning Routine

Hello Everybody,
As most of us are back to school now *if you still go to school that is* I thought it would be the perfect time for me to talk you through my school morning routine, in the hope that I can help you guys become more organised and punctual on your school mornings. This is also perfect for me to post as I am one of those people who is all about organisation and routine and is rarely ever late to anything.
Firstly, I set my alarm for 6:45am, which is a reasonable time for me as I leave my house at 8:10am. I then get straight out of bed, this wakes me up and stops me from dozing back off to sleep. I then go straight to the bathroom and wash, I wash my face with a facial scrub and apply some moisturer. I also use an Eye roller, which really brightens my eyes and wakes me up. I don't shower in the morning because I honestly do not have time, so I do that in the evening.
I then get myself into my days clothes, which I like to choose the night before so I am not rushing around and I do not end up with outfits spread across all of my floor. After that I do my hair, which I tend to just do in a bun or ponytail, but if I am feeling extra adventurous I might do something more exciting like a plait or complex up do. I then do my makeup which I like to keep really minimal and basic for school.
Afterwards I head downstairs and grab some cereal and a glass of juice, which normally doesn't take me very long to eat. Once I have finished my breakfast I head upstairs and brush my teeth, because you've got to have fresh breath and sparkling teeth for school.
After this I like to check my bag and planner, double checking that I put all of my due in homework in my bag the night before. I also have a quick tidy of my bedroom and open my curtains and make my bed, whilst checking everything in my room is switched off.
I then head downstairs with my school bag, and pack my lunch and fill up my water bottle, and also grab a snack for my break time. I then put some shoes on and look on my phone and all of my social media accounts, until it is time to leave at 8:10am.
I hope you enjoyed my morning routine post and it helped you in some way.
EmilyBelleBlogs x