Sunday, 14 September 2014

Skincare Sunday 1/4- Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub Review

Hello Everybody,
I am going to be doing a short Sunday series for 4 weeks, starting this week, reviewing a few new skincare products that I have picked up lately. I am not going to be doing a skincare routine in this series, however, I do have one coming up very, very soon.
Today I am going to be talking about the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub to kick start this series, as I mentioned it in my August Favourites and you guys have most probably been patiently waiting for me to write about it.


I actually really like the fact that this daily scrub comes in a tube type packaging, because I feel that whenever I buy one with a pump on it, although it looks handy, all of the product gets stuck down the sides and you end up wasting it all. Before I was using this I was using the Clearasil daily wash and I had to keep filling it with water and giving it a good ol' shake to get the product unstuck from the sides. I really do think that the fact this doesn't have a pump with it means I will have a lot less problem getting the product out.


Yes... stupid and pointless category for some, but for me smells are important. I have a sensitive nose and if I don't like the smell of something it won't be going anywhere near my nose.Thankfully, I like the smell of Pink Grapefruit, and it smells exactly as it states. With a few obvious soapy hues, but that doesn't bother me because it makes me smell clean, and I like clean.

Does it work?

I think it does, I mean... my skin hasn't been it's best lately, but it's improving now. I love how it has some microbeads in it, so it scrubs my skin well, and makes it feel nice and clean. But, I also feel like it has been controlling my breakouts, and believe me, when my skin breaks out, I mean it!


I'm pretty sure this product costs around £4.50, which for a daily scrub is actually sooo good, as usually I find myself spending a lot more on a facial cleaner. Not only that, but it can be bought in most drugstores and supermarkets, thus it really isn't too hard to get your hands on.

I hope you enjoyed this little skincare review, and I will be back with another Skincare Sunday next week, but for now. I'll see you tomorrow with another #teenblogseries post.
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