Sunday, 21 September 2014

Skincare Sunday// Simple Eye Roll-On

Hello Everybody,
Firstly I should really apologise for not blogging yesterday, but I was quite busy and I didn't want to write a rubbish and rushed post as I was rushed for time. But, today I am back and with another Skincare Sunday post and today I am reviewing the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-on. Yay!


The packaging of this is really good actually. It firstly comes in this little box, with this side flap thing *ooh cringy words*. But, that is not the thing I really like about this product really. The thing I absolutely love is the little tube it comes in. The actual applicator thingy majig is a metal roller, which is absolutely perfect because it is really cool and great for battling those awful dark circles that we all get on Monday mornings.


The obvious function of this eye roll-on is that it battles the dark circles and also it wakes me so much!! In the morning this has been a life saver since I have been back to school, because the tired eyes are a common morning battle. I really do believe that this product really does what it is supposed to do and I think you should all buy it.


It's £5.49 which I honestly think is really good price considering the product does exactly what it is meant to do, also it was part of the 3 for 2 offer that Boots were doing on Simple skincare products, therefore it was even more of a bargain.
I hope you enjoyed this little review and I will see you tomorrow.
EmilyBelleBlogs x