Saturday, 6 September 2014

What is in my School Bag? 2014

Hello Everybody,
I know I'm a bit late with this post, but if you follow me on twitter you will be well aware that the hunt for my perfect school bag has been a little trickier then first anticipated. Basically, the bag I fell in love with online had been discontinued when I went to buy it, so I hunted up and down for it. But it turns out my Mum managed to pick up my beloved bag when she the other side of the country for work, and managed to get hold of the last one in stock.
My bag is a brown leather batchel from Accessorize, which unfortunately you can't buy anymore because this was the last one in the country. I absolutely love it because it is really  cute, preppy, but also really practical and spacious.

The Main Pocket

Firstly in the main pocket there is a zip up pocket which I like to keep my keys, my purse and also some hair ties that I like to keep in a cute little tin. There is then also a couple of pockets at the front of the main compartment, one that is the perfect size for my phone and another that I keep a mini paddle brush in.
In my actual main pocket I keep a pink water bottle, because we've got to say hydrated whilst at school. My pencil case and my week to view school planner, so I have something to keep me organised and on track with my homework. I also have a big notebook that contains dividers so I can keep my subject notes seperate. I also have a binder that is full of dividers and ruled paper, however I am unsure as to whether I will be carrying this to school with me everyday. Finally, I keep a 30cm ruler in there and a calculator because they are the obvious school essentials.

Pencil Case

In my pencil case there is:
-2 Bic Pens (one spare, I don't take anymore because they get stolen otherwise).
-2 HB Pencils
-An eraser
-A pink Pritt Stick
-Coloured pens, to make my notes look more decorative.
-12 colouring pencils
-5 Coloured highlighters for making important notes stand out.

Front pocket

In my front pocket I keep mainly beauty essentials, that you may not necessarily need, but they are the kind of things I carry around with me everywhere. In this pocket I keep a tin with my girly bits in *you know what I mean*, a little perfume sample, a compact mirror and some cute cupcake print tissues. I also keep whatever lip product I am wearing in the front pocket too, and for school I really love Maybelline Baby Lips. I also take a mini deodorant by Dove because you don't want to be smelly whilst around school. I also take a mini tube of hand cream with me to school because I get really dry and sore hands, particularly in the winter. Finally, I have my beloved Bodyshop hand sanitiser in my front pocket also because school can be a very germy place.

I hope you enjoyed this Back to school post, and if you have started already I hope everything is going well. What have you got in your school bag?
EmilyBelleBlogs x