Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Tag!!

Bonus Post!! Bonus Post!!
Hey Hey!! I have a bonus post for you all today because I thought it would be fun to get involved with the Halloween Tag! Oh yeh... Happy Halloween by the way, I hope you are having a great day and are not eating too many sweets, we don't want you to be poorly.
Sources: WeHeartIt Edited By Me!!

1. What is you favourite Halloween movie?

My favourite Halloween movie is probably E.T, mainly because it is the only film that I have ever watched that I suppose is classed as "Halloweeny". But, I also really enjoy the film because Elliot and E.T's friendship is beautiful. I even have an E.T plushy toy. Is that sad?

2. If you were in a horror movie how far would you get?

I would probably not do very well to be perfectly honest. I am the worlds biggest baby and would probably end up sacrificing myself after 10 minutes. I can't even watch horror movies without crying with fear.

3. What is your favourite memory of Halloween?

My favourite memory of Halloween is that every year we used to carve the worlds biggest pumpkins (well my dad did) from my Grandad's allotment. My dad used to carve some really amazing intricate designs which used to blow my mind. We would then go to our schools Halloween disco before trick or treating around the neighbourhood, where my neighbours always played a wacky trick on us.

4. Your best/worst Halloween Costume?

I have always dressed up as pretty much the same witch, so I guess it is my best and worst.

5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?

To get into the Halloween spirit I like to decorate my room with loads of Halloween things and then also carve a pumpkin. It is so fun!

6. Favourite Halloween decoration

My favourite Halloween decoration is a wall decoration that has orange and white stripes and in the middle a big black stamp thing that says, "Happy Halloween".

7. Name one unusual thing you are afraid of

Ermm... I don't really like feet but I wouldn't necessarily say that is a fear. I have a huge fear of vomit, but I know that isn't unusual and is quite a common phobia. But I also hate people touching my oblique area... honestly I am so ticklish that if you as much as poke me there I will probably pee myself (literally) and end up running off in pure embarrassment... it's a problem.

8. Vampires or zombies?


9. Werewolves of ghosts?


10. Creepy dolls or creepy clowns?

Creepy dolls

11. Do you believe in ghosts?


I hope you enjoyed this little ghostly post and I should see you tomorrow.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Embakes for Halloween!!

Hello Everybody,
It's been a while since I have done an Embakes post, but today I thought that as it is Halloween tomorrow and a lot of us are trying to think of things to take to our Halloween parties I would share a couple of my favourite Halloween recipes with you all. I am really excited about sharing these recipes because they are my favourite things to make at this time of the year, and of course when I write posts like these I can eat the food afterwards... well... kind of! I do have to save some of the offerings for a party I am going to tomorrow, but more on that another time.

Sausage Mummies


500g puff pastry
10 large hot dog sausages
1 egg
Yellow mustard to serve


1. Preheat the oven to 190'c. Place a silicon sheet (or baking parchment if you haven't got one) on a metal baking sheet. Then roll out the puff pastry to thickness of 5mm onto a lightly floured surface. Then cut this into ten long strips.
2. Wrap the pastry strips around the sausages leaving a gap at the top of each so the mummies can see *yes, I am that kind, but you know, my pleasure*. This should look like the sausage is wrapped up in bandages, so if it doesn't you have probably gone wrong somewhere and may want to try again.
3. Beat the egg with a teaspoon of water and brush it over the pastry so that when they are baked they have a golden brown glazed look to them. Bake them in the oven for 15 minutes or until the pastry has risen and is golden. Allow to cool and then pipe on little mustard eyes, because that's cute and we don't want them to be too scary to eat.

Meringue Ghosts


250g icing sugar
4 egg whites
a little melted chocolate


1. Preheat the oven to 140'c. Sift the icing sugar into a large heatproof bowl and add the egg whites. Stand the bowl over a pan of simmering water and whisk until the mixture is very thick. Remove from the heat and continue whisking until cool.
2. Spoon the meringue mixture into a piping bag (you do not need to worry about a piping nozzle) and pipe the ghosts in a zig zag fashion onto a baking sheet, creating a larger blob at the beginning to form a head.
3. Bake for 1 hour, when done the meringues should be dry and lift off of the baking sheet easily, but shouldn't have started to colour.
4. Allow to cool and then pipe on some little chocolate eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, happy baking and happy halloween.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014!!

Hello Everybody,
I thought I would try something a little more halloweeny this year and set myself a challenge of carving a pumpkin. I'm not going to lie... I think I'm better at sticking to my day job... oh wait... but I wouldn't necessarily say that my pumpkin carving was terrible either. However, I probably need a little more practice pumpkin carving, seeing as this is the first time I've ever carved one *yes, this is my 16th halloween yet I have still never carved a pumpkin*.
I think I was trying to go for the crooked smile, evil look pumpkin, which to be honest I believe I did achieve. However, I did notice shortly after I started carving my pumpkin, that he was leaning downwards, bless him. Did I mention that I named him Patrick? Get it? Patrick the Pumpkin. Nope, I thought not. Back to the leaning issues, I managed to wedge part of the cut out eye underneath Patrick so that he was standing up right and looked a little less "hunchback" to put it nicely.
Before I started carving my pumpkin I did start off with a template, but I couldn't find any sellotape, so when I looked at my pin-prick guidelines after using my templates, I quickly came to the revelation that there is no way I could deal with eyes that were completely different angles to one another. I also realised that because I think I am clever and skilled on the carving front, I hadn't thought through how tricky it would be to carve out intricate details with a carving knife that only comes out to carve the turkey at Christmas.
Overall though, I enjoyed my pumpkin carving and I think I will have to make it a yearly tradition, hence why I have put "2014" in the title. Maybe if I do it yearly I will eventually be able to achieve a carving that looks perhaps a little more professional then the one I have sitting on my dining room table today. But, all I can say is... at least I tried, and to be honest, being afraid of sticking a knife through a pumpkin for the rest of my life was just not going to cut it. I do AS Food Tech for goodness sake... it's no different to cutting a carrot... okay... well... maybe a little... or a lot.
Until next time,
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Monday, 27 October 2014

It's Monday, not Moanday!

Hello Everybody,
It's time I have a rant, about the bad press that Monday has been getting, for, well... as long as I can remember. But, I do not understand why, since when have people said it's okay for Monday to be a day of being miserable? Never! We need to reinvent Monday, and turn it into a positive thing, so I am going to talk about how I am going to do my bit to make Monday's great!
Source: Weheartit & Edited: By Me!!

1. Monday is a fresh start!

We forget that Monday is the day that we can start the week fresh faced, and in some cases fresh headed. Put last weeks mistakes behind you and know that this is a new start. We learn from our mistakes, and Monday is the day we can put that into practice. Monday is not an excuse to start another bad week.

2. Plan before

Perhaps planning what you want to do on Monday is good idea. But remember, keep it positive and don't over-do it. There is only so much you can do in a day, and too much on the to-do list can make you feel unmotivated and then negative about it being a Monday, when it should be a positive thing.

3. Monday's are positive

Think about what you say, think about what you tweet. Nobody said that it is okay to decide Monday is a bad day as soon as you wake up on this particular day of the week. Wake up and think "I'm going to have a good week." It all starts with a positive mindset.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Cheap Halloween Decorations!

Hello Everybody,
Today I am doing a post about some really cheap decorations that you can buy or even make for Halloween to make your room look a little less ordinary and a bit more jazzy! Do people even use the word jazzy? Anyway, this was going to be another DIY post with a pumpkin, but I soon discovered once I got into town, that there was no way in heck that I was going to be carrying a pumpkin all the way back to my house.
The first thing I did to make my room look a little more "Halloweeny" was I swapped my usual cupcake calendar for a wooden board on string that says the words, "Happy Halloween". I thought it was a really cool wall decal, and super cheap considering it was only a £1 from ASDA and is a rather decent size. I also really like the the orange, white and black colour theme it has, because although I don't normally have that colour in my room it actually looks quite nice with my lilac wall.
The next thing I bought was a miniture fake pumpkin that is black with 2 white zig zags going around it's perimeters. I looks so funky sitting onto of my books and magazine that I keep on my bedside table and it truely does put me in the Halloween spirit. It is also glittery so even though it is quite dark and mysterious it still has a little bit of a girly vibe. It was also a bargain price of £1 at ASDA again!
And, of course I couldn't forget the Ghost bottle that I made on Tuesday, which sits very nicely on my bedside table along with everything else, which I really like. It is nice to have something a little more handmade on your festive table as well as some things that you bought.
I hope you enjoyed this Halloween post and this post helps you think of some cheap and easy ways of decorating your room for the haunted season.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

DIY// Ghost Bottles!

You will be excited to know that today I am doing another DIY post after this post went down really well and I love doing little DIYs sometimes, I just struggle to find the time occasionally. But I have had a bit more time at weekends lately and therefore I have a Halloween themed one for you all today!! I am making some Ghost Bottles.

You will need!

Empty coke bottle
White Water Based Paint (that stuff washes off of your hands).
A Paint Brush
A Sharpie


1. Remove the sticker from the coke bottle so that the outside of the bottle looks completely plain.
2. Lay out some Newspaper on the surface that you are choosing to do the DIY on, so that way you do not make a mess.
3. Paint a thick coat all over the outside of the bottle with your paint, make sure you also paint all over the bottles lid so it matches the rest of the bottle.
4.Leave the bottle to dry for at least 20 minutes, it may still be a little damp after that, but do not worry about it too much.
5. Draw on the eyes and mouth onto the centre of the bottle, and if you want to you can write a word of your choice, I chose the word BOO!.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY!
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Monday, 20 October 2014

My style inspiration!! #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
Today I have another #teengblogseries post and I am going to be talking about the person that inspires my style. Obviously, my life is influenced quite a lot by people on the internet, so to be honest it would be pretty tricky for my style inspiration to come from offline.
It did, however, take me quite a long time to work out who my style inspiration is, because style is very personal and I wouldn't necessarily say that I have anyone in particular that I want to look like. But this person has definitely increased my style confidence... and that is Bethany Mota!
I don't really know what I love so much about Bethany's style, but I suppose it's because it is so girly, but also very varied. I like to think that varied styles are better and can suit your moods at certain times of the year better. For example, if I am am in a really great mood I don't want to be wearing some really dark clothes.
I love how Bethany mixes so many different styles together and makes them look absolutely amazing. From flannel shirts, to shorts and tights. Her bright choices in dresses for events are amazing because it shows confidence, yet it makes her look so fresh faced, and I like to look that way too.
Honestly, I love her style so much and she does inspire my style quite a lot. I have even bought things that she has bought after me and it has made me laugh so much, because it is almost as if our minds work exactly the same way.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
I'm pretty sure we all get excited for Halloween here, but even so, we struggle to know what to do for Halloween makeup; that is cheap, easy and quick to do. Let's face it... Halloween should be more about the costume over the makeup anyway, so we don't tend to have time to be fussing around with our makeup too much. But today I am planning to solve all of your problems and I am going to be showing you the easiest and quickest makeup you will ever be able to do on Halloween. YAY!!
This tutorial is particularly great for pale people like me because it makes you look kind of ill and zombified, which in my opinion is pretty creepy, so I highly recommend it for any of you fellow pale people out there.
1. Do your base, that means apply a primer *if you have one*, Apply concealer to any blemishes and under your eyes and apply on your foundation. If you do have a bit more of a natural glow, think about going a shade lighter and blending it in thoroughly into your neck to really give yourself the haunted factor.
2. Doing your eyes is really simple, just use the darkest eyeshadow that you own, mine is Blackheart in the Naked 3 palette and put it all in your crease and blend it over the rest of your eyelid. Also add a bit under your eyes. This gives your eyes a very dead and ghostly look. Don't add any mascara or eyeliner because dead people don't wear makeup.
3. Then get a dark lipstick and put it all over your lips, I used the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick but you can use a different red, or even a black! I prefer to do this step with a lip brush because it is easier to apply dark lipstick that way.
4. Finally use a muted black eyeshadow for your cheekbone instead of your normal bronzer. I used the Naked 3 Darkside. You will need to buff this thoroughly into your face to ensure that it looks natural and also doesn't leave a line across your face.

I hope you enjoyed this little Halloween tutorial and I will see you on Monday!
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Desk Organisation

Hello Everybody,
Today I though would share with you all a few desk organisation tips, because I'm sure you all at some point have to use a desk, whether it be for work, studying or even blogging. I hope this little post helps, but I should warn you that I am no "tidy" expert.

Buy an organiser

I bought a caddy thing from Homebase to store all of my desk bits and bobs quite a few years back. It might not necessarily be tidy, but it keeps the mess out of the way. My caddy has a place for storing my pens and pencils as well as any loose bits of paper, cables and even my camera. So it is super handy at keeping any clutter tucked away from the rest of my small desk space.

Get rid of that clutter

To be honest, I'm pretty rubbish at staying tidy, but I do try and throw away any pieces of paper that might be useless, even though I am really bad at doing this. The better you are at keeping your desk clear, the more motivated you will be to do your work, or whatever you normally do on your desk. So, try at least once a week to check all of the bits that you have floating around your desk and bin anything that will not be needed anymore.

Get a binder

If like me you have a lot of notes and bits and bobs that you collect from your school classes, then investing in a  binder is a great idea. With a binder it keeps all of your work together, and if you section everything with dividers then you shouldn't have a problem with finding the work that you need.

EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How I edit my Instagram Pictures!!

Hello Everybody,
Today I have a post that's a little bit different to my usual posts. Firstly, because it is to do with a social media app that I probably talk about the least on here, and that is Instagram, and if you do not know, I do have account that you can follow... here. On instagram I like to document life events and all things that I suppose deserves a little bit of a photograph, but to make everything look nice (as I am a bit picky about my feed) I like to edit my pictures with an app called VSCO.
I am going to be showing you a step by step tutorial of what I do on my VSCO app, so for that reason I highly recommend downloading it from The Play or App store (this is totally NOT sponsored by the way).
1. Firstly, I obviously take the picture that I wish to take, for me this can vary from landscapes, food, outfits or even the occasional selfie.
2. I then open the VSCO app and choose my favourite photo from a selection I have taken, I normally take a few purely because I'm not the best at taking photos most of the time.
3. Once I have chosen the photo and selected it I click on the edit tool which looks like a spanner and screwdriver, On this setting you will be given a load of filters, but I generically choose the T1 filter because I like my images to be consistent.
4. I then click on the arrow up and click on the spanner to edit the image even more.
5. On this I will turn the exposure up a tad and also play around with the highlight and shadow colours, mostly opting for pink and purples and playing around with their levels until it looks just right.

I have only recently been using this app, but I much rather it over what I used before because it is quick, easy and all on one app.
I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Monday, 13 October 2014

Beauty Tips! #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
Today I have another #teenblogseries post for you all about beauty tips. I've had a long think about this, and I wouldn't necessarily say that I have loads of beauty tips, but I am going to try and compile a list of beauty tips for this post anyway, and hopefully it will be good enough.

Drink some water

Okay,,, we all go on about it, but how many of us actually remember to drink it? Not only will you notice a more blemish-less face if you drink more water, but you will most probably notice that you have more glowy and nourished skin.

Have some pamper time

Set an hour a week to full on pamper yourself, moisturise, shave, face mask, bath, hair mask... everything that will make you feel super pampered and amazing. Not only will all of the treatments you are giving yourself benefit your skin, it will also relax you, which is a vital part of feeling beautiful and happy.

Don't forget your skincare

Okay... we might occasionally forget it because we don't feel great or whatever, but try your best to follow your routine. That way your skin will look great and hopefully your complexion will even out, and look amazing.

A makeup free day

 If you are at home for the day try and avoid putting makeup up on. It does clog up your pores, and sometimes it is nice to just let your skin breathe.

I hope you enjoyed these little beauty tips and I will see you tomorrow.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Brand Focus// Maybelline #teenblogsunite

Hey Everybody,
Sorry about the lateness of today's post, I have honestly had no excuse today, I have just had a really boring and lazy day to be honest. But, today's post is a Brand Focus post, and I thought I would do it on Maybelline, as I am fairly certain Maybelline is my favourite Drugstore makeup brand.
Images from


I own a few lip products from Maybelline, and the first things are the Colorsensational Lipsticks, which are absolutely divine. They are so moisturising on the lips yet, stick to the lips so well, which I absolutely adore. They also have such a huge colour range as well, so I cannot wait until I can pick up even more of them.
I also love Baby Lips, I have almost all of the original collection, and they are all super moisturising. However, I do personally prefer the tinted ones, as I do believe that they are perfect for school, particularly in the colder months when my lips begin to get a little chapped. I also have the Pink Shock Baby Lips from the Electro line, which is so amazing, yep, I just... love!


I only really use one face product from Maybelline, and that is the Maybelline Fit Me! powder. Firstly, the packaging is awesome because it comes in a box that has a whole separate compartment for the applicator and mirror so it doesn't get all dirty. Also, the product sets my makeup sooooo well, and stops my face from shining all day.


Finally, the eye products I use from Maybelline are firstly the Color Tattoos, which are perfect long lasting eyeshadows for days when you are in a hurry and want to slather one colour all over your lid. I also use the 24h gel liner which is great if you want to create the perfect cat eye.
I also love the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara which is amazing for giving your eyes beautiful lashes, and the waterproof one's formula is just... to die for.

I hope you enjoyed this little brand focus post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Letter To My 13 Year Old Self!!

Hello Everybody,
I just want to quickly apologise for not posting for a few days, but I have had a fairly stressful and overwhelming few days and just needed some time to chill. But I'm back with a BANG! and a new schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday which I should hopefully be able to keep up with.
Anyway, today I am writing a little letter to my 13 year old self, it is quite personal, but I am hoping it can help some of you all too.
Dear 13 Year Old Emily,
   You are young and mostly enjoying life, but you are far too sensitive. Don't let other people's actions get to you, in the words of Tyler Oakley (who you will soon discover as well as many other people in the world of YouTube) "You do you!" and to be quite honest, you are very good at that, so ignore the b***hes; they're just jealous.
   You will run across many paths in life that many seem difficult, but it's okay, because that is part of life. In fact, you achieve more then you ever thought you could. Life may seem busy, and even now you feel like you are sprinting a marathon, but, you are living the life you need to live in order to achieve your dreams.
   You need to remember that no matter how sad you feel, and how crap your day has been, the good part outweighs that bad. But also remember that it is okay to make mistakes; we learn from them.
   Although it is hard to believe, the bullying stops. People grow up, and you grow a stronger head. Just stop victimising yourself, and a little side note, retaliating gets you nowhere. Just don't take things so seriously, that is probably that best piece of advice I could give you.
   As for growing up, it is tough. As your hormones change, you become a worrier, but don't close yourself in on life. You will be much happier embracing the opportunities you are given... You will have some wobbles, but everyone does, hiding away just makes it worse.
   Your friends will have their wobbles too, sometimes they will be aimed at you. But, if you are there for them, and support them, you will sometimes get the favour returned, even if you have to ask for it.
   Now for what you discover... makeup, fashion and the internet... embrace the opportunities they give you, and you will discover a new hobby. As well as a growing passion for baking, scouts and hockey (oh! and about hockey... don't give up!!).
   As with anything in life, you have to work hard for what you want. You will also learn that exams really aren't your thing, but it's okay, because you get through them, and you are pretty awesome at coursework.
   Just remember one quote, "Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big!".
    Emily (aged 16 and 10 months) xx
I hope you enjoyed this little, semi-cryptic letter to myself and I will see you Saturday.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Balancing Blogging and School #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
Today's post is firstly, a few hours late, but we'll get on to that in a minute, but secondly, something that I have been looking forward to writing for a very long time. That is a post on balancing school and blogging, which I think many of us find very difficult. I myself have been struggling to adjust recently, but that is most probably because I have had a lot of changes recently since starting my A Levels, so I need to re-organise my blogging schedule a little bit.
Source: Weheartit Edited By ME!!

Know what is important!

I cannot stress this enough!! Know that no matter how much you love your blog, and how much you want it to be a success, that you need to prioritise right. You will find in life that sometimes, your blog will have to wait, for example, tonight. Your school work is far more important and no matter how hard your work is, that needs to be done first. Your blog shouldn't be an excuse for missing coursework deadlines. It is a hobby, not a job...


There is no way on Earth that anybody could balance blogging and school if they weren't organised and didn't use their time to the best of their ability. Get a diary... work out what time in a week you will write your posts. What I normally do is write some blog posts on Saturday evening and some blog posts on Sunday evening. This way I am having some down time in the evening, but also spreading the workload, so I do not spend hours and hours on the computer.
Sometimes, for example, for the last couple of weeks you will have too much work to be able to do that, but that is okay. Don't be stressed out if you can't get a post out in time -I couldn't today! And remember that we all go through busy times in our life. Blogging can be challenging, but it shouldn't be a chore.

Know that your readers understand...

Sometimes you will be unable to get a post out, and you know what? That will be just okay, because your readers shouldn't mind. If they care about you enough, they will understand that sometimes things get too much and you just need a break. For example, on Thursday I didn't get a post out because I was far too tired and didn't think that I would be able to write anything quality enough for you all. Did anybody care. No.

Stats don't matter.

As long as you enjoy what you are doing you shouldn't worry about the stats. I know that my pageviews have gone down since August, but I don't mind because I know that my spare time has halved since August, and that I haven't blogged or promoted my blog as much. This is a hobby, you should be happy with any of your achievements, anything extra is a reward.

I hope this post helped.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

September Favourites

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would share with you my September favourites, even though this is very slightly delayed. I was reading through my blogging diary and realised I hadn't even scheduled any favourites posts, like, what even is this? Anyway, this is actually meant to be my final Skincare Sunday post *no more Sunday posts after this week* but what I was going to review isn't working for me, and the review would be really negative and I didn't even want to write about it. I will mention the product at the end of the post however, in case some of you are interested.


I had been liking a few things beauty-wise in September. The first beauty thing I have been liking is the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry because it is a lovely red colour, but not too red, which was perfect for the transition from summer to autumn. I also find it really moisturising which is really good for this time of the year, particularly because my lips get super chapped.
I also really have been loving my Simple Eye Roll-on, because it has been waking my eyes up really well for school, which can sometimes be a little bit of a lifesaver.


I recently bought some Chelsea Boots from Sainsbury's believe it or not, and I am in love. Firstly, they are so convenient to put on when in a hurry because they are slip on. Also, they are really lovely and autumnal, so have been perfect for the more chilly days.


I have also been loving the Salted Caramel Yankee Candle. I got it for Christmas last year but stopped burning it when Spring came around because it is quite warm and spicy. But I do love it, particularly as I love salted caramel anyway... did I mention that I made a salted caramel sauce the other day? Words cannot describe how good it tasted.


Hmmm... I was struggling to think of a fun thing that I have actually done this month considering I have started back at school and have been tied down with A Levels. But, I suppose I had my friend Kelly's birthday gathering which was really nice because we spent the evening in, eating pizza, listening to music and generally having a good laugh. I also have started back at hockey this season, and although it makes me sad that I have barely had an opportunity to play yet, I have really enjoyed being back at training.


Fruit flakes!! Honestly, they are so quick to eat but I feel like they really fill a hole when I am hungry, and I really like that. I also feel good after eating them, because I guess they have a little bit of nutrition in them... I think?


This is kind of a controversial song to like because it is kind of one sided, and to be fair I'm not sure whether I even like the lyrics... mainly because of the line "skinny bitches" which I feel stereotypes smaller framed people, but it's been stuck in my head so I suppose I do like it, just not the message it holds. And that is All about that bass by Meghan Trainor. I would like to say that it is good that it says that there is nothing wrong with curves. But no matter what shape you are, you are beautiful, as long as it is healthy. For example, you should "worry about you size" if it is affecting your health, but if you have a healthy lifestyle and are a generally healthy person, then you shouldn't worry about it.

The Skincare product I was going to mention was the Simple Replenishing moisturiser, but I haven't been getting on with it because my skin has actually been getting 10x drier then usual, so for now I have switched back to using Nivea.
 EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Life Lately.

Hello Everybody,
I am going to give you all a little bit of a life update as I haven't given you guys an update recently, because I am super busy at the moment and I think it is about time that I told you guys everything I have been up to, particularly because it has been over a month since I stopping daily blogging. I know... like what?!
If you are aware and follow me on Twitter then you will know that I started my AS Levels quite a few weeks back, which has consequently meant that I have a LOT of work to do. This week I seem to have accumulated more coursework then I ever thought was humanely possible, as well as seemingly a lot of homework. I don't mind, as I do enjoy all of my subjects, but I am starting to struggle with blogging as often as I do, which concerns me because I'm not sure I'll actually be able to get involved with Blogmas now. However, I am going to try and settle back into a better routine this week so that that will not have to be a problem.
I have also joined in with quite a few things at school including Young Enterprise and enrolling myself onto Silver Duke of Edinburgh now I have finished my Bronze. In my first few weeks I didn't have a lunch break, but I have managed to accumulate more lunch hours as the weeks have gone on, and I have also joined in with the first house challenge, COME ON RED HOUSE!
I have also slowly become able to have more time aside for my friends, which is nice now I am settling into a routine. You would not believe how excited I am for our Halloween party, or just Halloween for that matter, and I promise I will have some blog posts going up for that.
Another thing I want to tell you about is my morning from hell... well... kind of. I woke up this morning kind of early, and enjoyed a nice bowl of raspberries for my breakfast. I then headed out to town with my brother, and whilst he went to the Doctor's to get the Flu jab, I went to the local sorting office to pick up a parcel and went into Superdrug. On the way home my brother offered me a Frappe, so obviously I said yes. But, long story short, I got hit by a bicycle and my Frappe exploded all the way down me, the cyclist didn't stop, and I had to walk all the way home in Frappe and cream covered clothes. Thank goodness, Vanish did it's job and all of the stains came out, and I understand that it was an accident, because no one would do a thing like that maliciously. On the bright side, nobody got hurt, but I thought it was the kind of story I should share, because in a few years time I can look back on this and laugh. Plus, my Dad went out and bought me another Frappe, isn't he a sweetie?
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