Monday, 6 October 2014

Balancing Blogging and School #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
Today's post is firstly, a few hours late, but we'll get on to that in a minute, but secondly, something that I have been looking forward to writing for a very long time. That is a post on balancing school and blogging, which I think many of us find very difficult. I myself have been struggling to adjust recently, but that is most probably because I have had a lot of changes recently since starting my A Levels, so I need to re-organise my blogging schedule a little bit.
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Know what is important!

I cannot stress this enough!! Know that no matter how much you love your blog, and how much you want it to be a success, that you need to prioritise right. You will find in life that sometimes, your blog will have to wait, for example, tonight. Your school work is far more important and no matter how hard your work is, that needs to be done first. Your blog shouldn't be an excuse for missing coursework deadlines. It is a hobby, not a job...


There is no way on Earth that anybody could balance blogging and school if they weren't organised and didn't use their time to the best of their ability. Get a diary... work out what time in a week you will write your posts. What I normally do is write some blog posts on Saturday evening and some blog posts on Sunday evening. This way I am having some down time in the evening, but also spreading the workload, so I do not spend hours and hours on the computer.
Sometimes, for example, for the last couple of weeks you will have too much work to be able to do that, but that is okay. Don't be stressed out if you can't get a post out in time -I couldn't today! And remember that we all go through busy times in our life. Blogging can be challenging, but it shouldn't be a chore.

Know that your readers understand...

Sometimes you will be unable to get a post out, and you know what? That will be just okay, because your readers shouldn't mind. If they care about you enough, they will understand that sometimes things get too much and you just need a break. For example, on Thursday I didn't get a post out because I was far too tired and didn't think that I would be able to write anything quality enough for you all. Did anybody care. No.

Stats don't matter.

As long as you enjoy what you are doing you shouldn't worry about the stats. I know that my pageviews have gone down since August, but I don't mind because I know that my spare time has halved since August, and that I haven't blogged or promoted my blog as much. This is a hobby, you should be happy with any of your achievements, anything extra is a reward.

I hope this post helped.
EmilyBelleBlogs x