Thursday, 23 October 2014

Cheap Halloween Decorations!

Hello Everybody,
Today I am doing a post about some really cheap decorations that you can buy or even make for Halloween to make your room look a little less ordinary and a bit more jazzy! Do people even use the word jazzy? Anyway, this was going to be another DIY post with a pumpkin, but I soon discovered once I got into town, that there was no way in heck that I was going to be carrying a pumpkin all the way back to my house.
The first thing I did to make my room look a little more "Halloweeny" was I swapped my usual cupcake calendar for a wooden board on string that says the words, "Happy Halloween". I thought it was a really cool wall decal, and super cheap considering it was only a £1 from ASDA and is a rather decent size. I also really like the the orange, white and black colour theme it has, because although I don't normally have that colour in my room it actually looks quite nice with my lilac wall.
The next thing I bought was a miniture fake pumpkin that is black with 2 white zig zags going around it's perimeters. I looks so funky sitting onto of my books and magazine that I keep on my bedside table and it truely does put me in the Halloween spirit. It is also glittery so even though it is quite dark and mysterious it still has a little bit of a girly vibe. It was also a bargain price of £1 at ASDA again!
And, of course I couldn't forget the Ghost bottle that I made on Tuesday, which sits very nicely on my bedside table along with everything else, which I really like. It is nice to have something a little more handmade on your festive table as well as some things that you bought.
I hope you enjoyed this Halloween post and this post helps you think of some cheap and easy ways of decorating your room for the haunted season.
EmilyBelleBlogs x