Thursday, 16 October 2014

Desk Organisation

Hello Everybody,
Today I though would share with you all a few desk organisation tips, because I'm sure you all at some point have to use a desk, whether it be for work, studying or even blogging. I hope this little post helps, but I should warn you that I am no "tidy" expert.

Buy an organiser

I bought a caddy thing from Homebase to store all of my desk bits and bobs quite a few years back. It might not necessarily be tidy, but it keeps the mess out of the way. My caddy has a place for storing my pens and pencils as well as any loose bits of paper, cables and even my camera. So it is super handy at keeping any clutter tucked away from the rest of my small desk space.

Get rid of that clutter

To be honest, I'm pretty rubbish at staying tidy, but I do try and throw away any pieces of paper that might be useless, even though I am really bad at doing this. The better you are at keeping your desk clear, the more motivated you will be to do your work, or whatever you normally do on your desk. So, try at least once a week to check all of the bits that you have floating around your desk and bin anything that will not be needed anymore.

Get a binder

If like me you have a lot of notes and bits and bobs that you collect from your school classes, then investing in a  binder is a great idea. With a binder it keeps all of your work together, and if you section everything with dividers then you shouldn't have a problem with finding the work that you need.

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