Saturday, 18 October 2014

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
I'm pretty sure we all get excited for Halloween here, but even so, we struggle to know what to do for Halloween makeup; that is cheap, easy and quick to do. Let's face it... Halloween should be more about the costume over the makeup anyway, so we don't tend to have time to be fussing around with our makeup too much. But today I am planning to solve all of your problems and I am going to be showing you the easiest and quickest makeup you will ever be able to do on Halloween. YAY!!
This tutorial is particularly great for pale people like me because it makes you look kind of ill and zombified, which in my opinion is pretty creepy, so I highly recommend it for any of you fellow pale people out there.
1. Do your base, that means apply a primer *if you have one*, Apply concealer to any blemishes and under your eyes and apply on your foundation. If you do have a bit more of a natural glow, think about going a shade lighter and blending it in thoroughly into your neck to really give yourself the haunted factor.
2. Doing your eyes is really simple, just use the darkest eyeshadow that you own, mine is Blackheart in the Naked 3 palette and put it all in your crease and blend it over the rest of your eyelid. Also add a bit under your eyes. This gives your eyes a very dead and ghostly look. Don't add any mascara or eyeliner because dead people don't wear makeup.
3. Then get a dark lipstick and put it all over your lips, I used the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick but you can use a different red, or even a black! I prefer to do this step with a lip brush because it is easier to apply dark lipstick that way.
4. Finally use a muted black eyeshadow for your cheekbone instead of your normal bronzer. I used the Naked 3 Darkside. You will need to buff this thoroughly into your face to ensure that it looks natural and also doesn't leave a line across your face.

I hope you enjoyed this little Halloween tutorial and I will see you on Monday!
EmilyBelleBlogs x