Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How I edit my Instagram Pictures!!

Hello Everybody,
Today I have a post that's a little bit different to my usual posts. Firstly, because it is to do with a social media app that I probably talk about the least on here, and that is Instagram, and if you do not know, I do have account that you can follow... here. On instagram I like to document life events and all things that I suppose deserves a little bit of a photograph, but to make everything look nice (as I am a bit picky about my feed) I like to edit my pictures with an app called VSCO.
I am going to be showing you a step by step tutorial of what I do on my VSCO app, so for that reason I highly recommend downloading it from The Play or App store (this is totally NOT sponsored by the way).
1. Firstly, I obviously take the picture that I wish to take, for me this can vary from landscapes, food, outfits or even the occasional selfie.
2. I then open the VSCO app and choose my favourite photo from a selection I have taken, I normally take a few purely because I'm not the best at taking photos most of the time.
3. Once I have chosen the photo and selected it I click on the edit tool which looks like a spanner and screwdriver, On this setting you will be given a load of filters, but I generically choose the T1 filter because I like my images to be consistent.
4. I then click on the arrow up and click on the spanner to edit the image even more.
5. On this I will turn the exposure up a tad and also play around with the highlight and shadow colours, mostly opting for pink and purples and playing around with their levels until it looks just right.

I have only recently been using this app, but I much rather it over what I used before because it is quick, easy and all on one app.
I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x