Monday, 20 October 2014

My style inspiration!! #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
Today I have another #teengblogseries post and I am going to be talking about the person that inspires my style. Obviously, my life is influenced quite a lot by people on the internet, so to be honest it would be pretty tricky for my style inspiration to come from offline.
It did, however, take me quite a long time to work out who my style inspiration is, because style is very personal and I wouldn't necessarily say that I have anyone in particular that I want to look like. But this person has definitely increased my style confidence... and that is Bethany Mota!
I don't really know what I love so much about Bethany's style, but I suppose it's because it is so girly, but also very varied. I like to think that varied styles are better and can suit your moods at certain times of the year better. For example, if I am am in a really great mood I don't want to be wearing some really dark clothes.
I love how Bethany mixes so many different styles together and makes them look absolutely amazing. From flannel shirts, to shorts and tights. Her bright choices in dresses for events are amazing because it shows confidence, yet it makes her look so fresh faced, and I like to look that way too.
Honestly, I love her style so much and she does inspire my style quite a lot. I have even bought things that she has bought after me and it has made me laugh so much, because it is almost as if our minds work exactly the same way.
EmilyBelleBlogs x