Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014!!

Hello Everybody,
I thought I would try something a little more halloweeny this year and set myself a challenge of carving a pumpkin. I'm not going to lie... I think I'm better at sticking to my day job... oh wait... but I wouldn't necessarily say that my pumpkin carving was terrible either. However, I probably need a little more practice pumpkin carving, seeing as this is the first time I've ever carved one *yes, this is my 16th halloween yet I have still never carved a pumpkin*.
I think I was trying to go for the crooked smile, evil look pumpkin, which to be honest I believe I did achieve. However, I did notice shortly after I started carving my pumpkin, that he was leaning downwards, bless him. Did I mention that I named him Patrick? Get it? Patrick the Pumpkin. Nope, I thought not. Back to the leaning issues, I managed to wedge part of the cut out eye underneath Patrick so that he was standing up right and looked a little less "hunchback" to put it nicely.
Before I started carving my pumpkin I did start off with a template, but I couldn't find any sellotape, so when I looked at my pin-prick guidelines after using my templates, I quickly came to the revelation that there is no way I could deal with eyes that were completely different angles to one another. I also realised that because I think I am clever and skilled on the carving front, I hadn't thought through how tricky it would be to carve out intricate details with a carving knife that only comes out to carve the turkey at Christmas.
Overall though, I enjoyed my pumpkin carving and I think I will have to make it a yearly tradition, hence why I have put "2014" in the title. Maybe if I do it yearly I will eventually be able to achieve a carving that looks perhaps a little more professional then the one I have sitting on my dining room table today. But, all I can say is... at least I tried, and to be honest, being afraid of sticking a knife through a pumpkin for the rest of my life was just not going to cut it. I do AS Food Tech for goodness sake... it's no different to cutting a carrot... okay... well... maybe a little... or a lot.
Until next time,
EmilyBelleBlogs x