Sunday, 5 October 2014

September Favourites

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would share with you my September favourites, even though this is very slightly delayed. I was reading through my blogging diary and realised I hadn't even scheduled any favourites posts, like, what even is this? Anyway, this is actually meant to be my final Skincare Sunday post *no more Sunday posts after this week* but what I was going to review isn't working for me, and the review would be really negative and I didn't even want to write about it. I will mention the product at the end of the post however, in case some of you are interested.


I had been liking a few things beauty-wise in September. The first beauty thing I have been liking is the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry because it is a lovely red colour, but not too red, which was perfect for the transition from summer to autumn. I also find it really moisturising which is really good for this time of the year, particularly because my lips get super chapped.
I also really have been loving my Simple Eye Roll-on, because it has been waking my eyes up really well for school, which can sometimes be a little bit of a lifesaver.


I recently bought some Chelsea Boots from Sainsbury's believe it or not, and I am in love. Firstly, they are so convenient to put on when in a hurry because they are slip on. Also, they are really lovely and autumnal, so have been perfect for the more chilly days.


I have also been loving the Salted Caramel Yankee Candle. I got it for Christmas last year but stopped burning it when Spring came around because it is quite warm and spicy. But I do love it, particularly as I love salted caramel anyway... did I mention that I made a salted caramel sauce the other day? Words cannot describe how good it tasted.


Hmmm... I was struggling to think of a fun thing that I have actually done this month considering I have started back at school and have been tied down with A Levels. But, I suppose I had my friend Kelly's birthday gathering which was really nice because we spent the evening in, eating pizza, listening to music and generally having a good laugh. I also have started back at hockey this season, and although it makes me sad that I have barely had an opportunity to play yet, I have really enjoyed being back at training.


Fruit flakes!! Honestly, they are so quick to eat but I feel like they really fill a hole when I am hungry, and I really like that. I also feel good after eating them, because I guess they have a little bit of nutrition in them... I think?


This is kind of a controversial song to like because it is kind of one sided, and to be fair I'm not sure whether I even like the lyrics... mainly because of the line "skinny bitches" which I feel stereotypes smaller framed people, but it's been stuck in my head so I suppose I do like it, just not the message it holds. And that is All about that bass by Meghan Trainor. I would like to say that it is good that it says that there is nothing wrong with curves. But no matter what shape you are, you are beautiful, as long as it is healthy. For example, you should "worry about you size" if it is affecting your health, but if you have a healthy lifestyle and are a generally healthy person, then you shouldn't worry about it.

The Skincare product I was going to mention was the Simple Replenishing moisturiser, but I haven't been getting on with it because my skin has actually been getting 10x drier then usual, so for now I have switched back to using Nivea.
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