Friday, 28 November 2014

DIY Decorative Owls!!

Hello Everybody,
I have been a very BAD BLOGGER, I'm sorry for my short disappearance but basically I needed to get a new anti-virus for my laptop and I didn't want to use the internet unprotected. Plus, I blog at weekends and therefore didn't have any time to write my posts during the week once my anti-virus had been renewed, so I think that is a pretty valid reason. Not only that, but I am giving blogmas a go this year. I'm not going to 100% promise I will be amazing at it because I clearly don't have all the time in the world, but I will give it my best shot.
Today however, I am doing a DIY post on how to make some quick and easy cute decorative owls to place in your window to make it look all cute for winter.

What you will need...

Some toilet roll tubes (depending on how many you want to make)
A Black Marker Pen


1. Firstly, you will want to ensure that you have a completely round and undamaged toilet roll tube. If you have issues with germs on the empty toilet roll tube you can cut a kitchen roll tube in half and use that.
2. Fold the very top of the tube inwards on the front and back so it creates to pointy ear bit for the owls.
3. Once you have done this you will have the basic shape of the owl and you can now draw on your owl design including, wings, belly, eyes, beak and other extra fancy things if you want to.

I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY!
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Keep Dreaming...

If there is one thing that Walt Disney taught me it is that dreams can come true. However, I unfortunately feel as though a lot of people lack dreams. People push their dreams aside and label them as, "Ridiculous" or "Daft". But my question is, how can you know that is the case without trying? Of course our dreams are "Stupid" and "Pointless" without giving them a try, besides, the worst that can happen is that they won't work out.
Source: Weheartit (edited by me)
My dreams consist of a long list of things I want to do... a very long list. Will they be hardwork to achieve? Yes. Will they be impossible to achieve? No! My motivation and drive comes from nowhere else but my inner hope. my inner passion; my knowledge that achieving what I have always dreamt of will be the most rewarding thing the could ever happen.
It doesn't matter when or how I achieve my dreams, what matters is that I haven't dreamt of them and then pushed them aside as a lost cause. You want to be a veterinary nurse but are worried that the university course will be too difficult, so you've pushed the thought away and decided to work in a Chippy for the rest of your life. What kind of life is that? Not even trying, not even wanting to dream more is sad.
I have my dream life planned in my head, sure I may not be 100% lucky with achieving my dreams all of the time, but even the thought can make you smile... change a day in fact. Sometimes when I've had a pooey day I'll just think of all the great things that are to come and it instantly puts a smile on my face. Sometimes, all you need is a dream to make your life so much happier and more worthwhile.
Smile. Dream. Live.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick Super Strawberry Review

Hello Everybody,
Today I have a long awaited beauty review for you as I know that I haven't written about makeup and stuff in ageeeeeeeess. But, I thought you would forgive me if I wrote about one of my most favourite lip products, and if you know me well by now, I have a massive love for lip products but this is by far one of the best I own... so props to clinique for being flipping awesome!


The colour of Clinique's Super Strawberry Chubby Stick looks quite dark and daunting in the packaging, but to be honest it is actually fairly sheer. However, I would never put this down as a bad thing because I feel as though because it is a very light red it is still perfect for the winter months, but is also perfect for school and work where it perhaps isn't so appropriate to be rocking the vampy lips. Also, this colour is perfect if you want to get into dark lips but are perhaps feeling a little shy from it... because homegirl I know it can be a huge transition.


Ohemgeeee!! Can we just talk about how exceptional the formula of this baby is? It so ravingly smooth and silky that it could get confused with a lip balm it is so tremendous. Honestly, my lips are trying to escape from my face right now and it feels like the Clinique Chubby Stick is curing them. Chubby Stick... please tell me your secrets?


Coming down to it the price of the product was never going to be cheap considering how incredible it is. It is £17 which is a bit of a stretch, but to be quite frank I would definitely pay that much for it. This one I did receive free in a magazine, but since eyeing up the other colours in the Moisturising Lip Colour Balm range I am very tempted to treat myself to another for my Birthday.

I hope you enjoyed this little review.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

24 things... To do when you are bored.

Hello Everybody,
I don't really have time to be bored anymore, I don't know whether that is because I am busy, or whether it is just because I seem to be better at filling my time then I used to be. But, occasionally I will still have that day when I just want to "hurmph" in the corner because everybody else is busy and I have absolutely nothing to do. This is why I thought I would compile a list of, believe it or not, 24 things to do when you are bored!
1. Build a fort... just grab some sheets and pillows from your airing cupboard and voila you can make a fort.
2. Go for a run... or a walk if you don't fancy running.
3. Go for a hike... up a mountain if you are lucky enough to live in a hilly area. Or if you live in a flat rural area like me walk across some fields. Or around Central Park if you happen to live in New York City... unfortunately that is not something I can do unless I fancy paying silly amounts for a 6 hour flight and then a quick stroll around.
4. Play with your pets... or a random cat if you don't happen to have any pets.
5. Write your bucket list... and be serious... do you really climb Everest?
6. Scrapbook your favourite memories of the year... collect up some of your favourite photos, newpapers cuttings, tickets, etc.
7. Write a letter to a friend and post it.
8. Go swimming and master a new stroke... I challenge you to the butterfly.
9. Clear out your wardrobe and fill up a charity bag... that always feels good.
10. Start a blog if you haven't already... and if you have then give it a makeover.
11. Go outside and take some arty farty photographs.
12. Learn something completely new... I'll make a list of things to learn in a few weeks perhaps.
13. Try a challenge that you can do by yourself... like 100 squats or getting your tongue to touch your nose *I can do that #braggingrights*.
14. Go bird watching... it's fun... don't judge.
15. Go to a park, you're never too old to go on the swings, as long as you don't keep the little children waiting.
16. Eat something new... I still need to try sushi but it terrifies me a little.
17. Bake something really challenging... hmmm... I challenge you to make a buche de noel... it's nearly Christmas okay?!
18. Find a DIY project and try it.
19. Eat cake!
20. Read a book. You know... the one that you started reading 3 months ago but never found the time to finish?
21. Learn the first 100 number of pi. I mean, I don't think I would be very good at this but it is worth a try... 3.1415926...
22. Watch a new movie, or your old favourite.
23. Learn a dance to music video... I do this when I'm not bored... IT'S FUN OKAY?!
24. Learn how to make jam, because why the hell not?

I hope you don't get bored anymore.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Monday, 17 November 2014

Things I love about blogging!!

Hello Everybody,
Since my hiatus from blogging is now over and you guys probably all assumed that I was growing apart from it for whatever reason I have decided I should write about why I love blogging. This way you guys will know that blogging is still a great hobby of mine and also that if you want to start blogging then you should, because it is amazing and if you work hard at it, blogging can also be very rewarding.
Sources: WeHeartIt (edited by moi)

It's so rewarding

I was going to leave this until the last point, because it is probably the best point, but I couldn't wait for myself to talk about it, thus I thought I would jump straight into the point on blogging being so gratifying.
Blogging is something that I do as a hobby... something I do to vent, I am a chatterbox by nature and having a blog for me was just something that I could use to talk about my adventures, loves and creations. What I didn't realise when I started blogging is how much pride you can get from such small achievements. A new follow and pageview still makes me smile even today. When someone Tags me in a post I feel a little bubble of joy explode inside me. There is also this new thing *I presume it's new* on twitter, where people #ff, I think it means favourite Friday, but I don't really know. Whenever I get tagged in a #ff I fill up with delight. "Why did they choose me?" I might ask myself, but deep down I know it's because they enjoy what I do, and it is their way of thanking me, when all I really want to do is give them a big squeeze and thank them.
Source: @akwardstagram
I guess all I am trying to say is that sometimes people do not realise how much pleasure I get from the little things of blogging. I have mentioned it a billion times, but honestly, if you have low self-esteem or need a confidence boost give blogging a go. Sometimes you only need the small things to make you feel 100x better.

The excuses...

Okay... so this perhaps is a little naughty, but I do feel like blogging can make you have a good excuse to treat yourself. Whether it be makeup, clothes or even something which is my personal favourite... stationery. I guess you shouldn't have to have an excuse to treat yourself, but sometimes it feels better to have a reason to buy something. When I am buying something I am not buying it for the sake of my blog, but sometimes when I buy things I do like to think, "Oh! My readers my enjoy hearing about this!".

The community

The final point I want to make about my love for blogging is the community that you become a part of. I have made friends with so many beautiful by being part of the blogisphere. Everybody is so welcoming, and I am yet to find anyone that is particularly rude. If things happen, people always seem to be happy to help, and are always willing to give a virtual shoulder to cry on. Honestly, the people I have found through blogging are some of the most amazing human beings... they get me, and to be honest I can be pretty hard to "get" at the best of times. But we also all have a common interest, and that is why I think the blogging community is such an amazing thing.

EmilyBelleBlogs x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Only Way Is Up!

Hello Everybody,
I bet you are all wondering where I have been, and to be honest, I've been nowhere. Just school and the normal stuff that I do in my life. Except I knew I needed a short break from blogging, which I will get on to in a moment. Believe it or not, this has been the longest I have ever gone without blogging, mostly because I would never let myself rest from blogging for so long. This time however, I really needed a break otherwise I think I may have exploded, plus, I blog for fun, therefore I shouldn't have to put loads of pressure on myself to do it.

Let's just say the last few weeks have been hard. I think things have just slowly built up inside me, and although I had a great half term break the things I pushed aside during it made me forget that school isn't so easy, you do have to work hard, and sometimes things won't go to plan. In sixth form things are very different, and I think that part of what had been making me feel so pooey is not having the same people around me to give me a bit of motivation to feel happy and excited for things.
Generally, if you know me well I am a very excitable person, this can have it's pros as well as cons. I always look forward to everything, but most of the time I get very nervous too, even for the smallest of things. I do think that nervousness and overthinking is fairly normal for someone my age, but I guess I just felt that way a bit too much recently. Why? I'm not 100% sure, and it was making me not 100% enjoy things that were going on.
Yes, a few things happened, I got hit by a bike, I got declined from a job interview which I got into the very last process for, I lost a 10,000 word essay *I'm still annoyed about that*, I found out my friends were going to a concert that I couldn't afford the day before my birthday and I managed to fall out with a friend which never happens. I kind of stopped enjoying the little things, and became quite negative, and every single day I would think of something new to add to my list of reasons to feel like rubbish.
For the last few days however I thought to myself "What is the point of feeling sorry for myself anymore? Has anything that has happened really been that bad? I'm sure I can do other great things and not feel so crap about what is going on!" And from that point things have been going great... I played house dodgeball and we won, I helped out with one of the Sixth Form Christmas projects, I helped with the collection for Children In Need on Friday dressed as Supergirl and had a really fun day. I've planned a lovely evening out with my bestfriend that I barely see anymore for next week. I booked my first driving lessons. I am going to Choccywoccydoodah in 6 months time *I had to add that in there*. And instead of going to the concert which I would've found far too stressful anyway, I am going with my mum to see Paul Hollywood on tour; it may seem strange but it will be something that I'll enjoy more.
I think that it is important to remember that no matter how rubbish you feel, most of the time it is the way you are perceiving things that is making you feel like that. It is okay to have a few down days, it is okay to admit you haven't been feeling yourself. But, it is not okay to keep letting it bring you down, to the point that you feel stressed all of the time. Stuff *I didn't want to swear* happens! Part of our journey in life is to go through bad times, so that we grow as people, but also appreciate the great times better.
No one ever said life is easy, and no one ever said that you would always be fine. But, one thing someone did say is that, "The most important thing is to enjoy life- to be happy- it's all that matters." -Audrey Hepburn.
Keep smiling,
 EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

DIY Skittles Milkshake

Hello Everybody,
Again I am sorry for being a bit on and off on my blog for a little while but I am waiting for things to settle down a bit before I have decided on a proper changed schedule... so we are going to be a tad RANDOM for the moment.
Anywhoooo... today I am going to show you how to make my signature, "Do you want a drink?" drink, which is a Skittles Milkshake. After trying these out at Shakeaway a few years ago and decided I loved them loads, I decided to create my own recipe, and I think it is about time I share it with you all.

What you will need!!

Nice Vanilla Ice-cream
Full Fat Milk
Sharing bag of Skittles


1. Put four scoops of the vanilla ice-cream into a blender.
2. Pour most of the pack of skittles into the blender, depending on how strong you want the milkshake to be.
3. Add the milk until it is about half-way up the level of ice-cream... I just measure by eye, bad habit, I know.
4. Pulse the blender so that it breaks up all of the skittles and then leave the blender on a high spend for about a minute.
5. Pour that Bad Boy into a gigantic glass... or two little ones if you like.
And BOOM! Voila!! Uno grandé Skittle Milkshake... or two little ones.

I hope you enjoy.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Bonfire Night Essentials

Hello Everybody,
As I thought it is Guy Fawke's night on Wednesday evening, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to discuss with you what essentials you should take with you whilst you are going to a firework display, or even what fun traditions you should get involved with this year.

What to wear...

1. A nice snuggly coat, because it gets dark early now it can get a little nippy and you will want to stay nice a warm.
2. Some gloves, these keep your hands warm, but also if you want to use sparklers it is much safer to be wearing gloves and ensuring you hold them arms length away from you to avoid getting burnt.
3. A hat or earmuffs, you want to keep your ears and head warm if you want to stay comfortable during a firework display.
4. Boots and fluffy socks, feet are another place you can easily loose heat from and therefore you want to keep them nice and warm.

What to eat...

1. Honestly, I love a good traditional hotdog or burger that you can buy from burger vans that are often placed around firework displays. They are so fun!
2. If you are going to a friends firework display or are hosting your own, have some Chilli Con Carne or even a nice warming flask of soup.
3. If you are spending the evening inside or in you garden, have a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows instead. Or you can even make s'mores on a chimnea.

What to do...

1. You can firstly see whether there are any local firework displays where you are because they are always fun to attend.
2. You could just have an evening in with your friends, with hot chocolates, popcorn and movies if being out in the cold watching fireworks isn't your thing.
3. Or make a small, SAFE, fire in your backgarden in a fire pit or chimnea, and even make a mini Guy to burn, because that is the original Guy Fawkes tradition that often is forgotten nowadays.

I hope you enjoyed this little Bonfire Night post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites

Hello Everybody,
I say this every month, but I literally cannot believe it is November already, and that we are now in the last couple of months of 2014. So far this year has gone so fast, it has a few downs... but mostly ups and I am so excited to see what November and December have to bring. I have so much planned for this blog, yet so little time, so I am still learning how I can manage it better, so for the time being bare with me if my blogging schedule is a bit all over the place. The darker nights are certainly making the blog photography a little more tricky. 
However, today I thought I would share with you my favourites for the month of October, which came as a bit of a mixed bag of a month for me. But it certainly ended on a high and for that I am very thankful and very, very happy.


This month I have been loving something that has been raved about in beauty world no-end and that is Rimmel London Kate Moss 107 lipstick. It is the perfect dark autumnal red and it just looks so amazing when you fancy having a dark lip day. I also love the fact that it is matte, because that makes it slightly different from all of the other reds I own. However it can be a tad drying on the lips.


I bought an oversized red shirt from Sainsbury's this month, and "oh my goodness" I absolutely love it. It is the perfect cut, perfect length and so versatile. It can be worn tucked in or out, or made to look smart or casual. And for a supermarket piece of clothing as well, it shocks my mind #mindblown.


Two words... autumn and Halloween. Two of my favourite things, and that is why I love this time of year. You can go on nice walks and breathe in the nice crisp autumnal air and crunch in fields of knee deep leaves, and everything is so tranquil. And then Halloween, the best excuse to go wild with your makeup, have all-nighter parties and decorate your room so it looks haunted. I even had a lovely party with my friends on Friday night and it was just so perfect... I might even talk about that some more another time.


Chedds Nibbles are my new obsession, they are cute, tiny and delicious. Plus, they taste somewhat more special then a normal block of cheddar cheese. I have been converted, and will never be reverting back to the good ol' block of cheese. CHEDDS FOR LIFE!! Also, I have been loving the frothy goodness of Aero Hot Chocolate... need I say more?


Finally, music... and something that is very unlike me is that my two favourite songs this month are from two very popular boybands, The Vamps and One Direction. Normally, I like their music but never get their songs stuck in my head for days at a time... but this month they have done it. With Cecilia by The Vamps and Steal My Girl by One Direction, which are my two feel good songs of the season.

What have your favourites been this month?
EmilyBelleBlogs x