Monday, 3 November 2014

Bonfire Night Essentials

Hello Everybody,
As I thought it is Guy Fawke's night on Wednesday evening, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to discuss with you what essentials you should take with you whilst you are going to a firework display, or even what fun traditions you should get involved with this year.

What to wear...

1. A nice snuggly coat, because it gets dark early now it can get a little nippy and you will want to stay nice a warm.
2. Some gloves, these keep your hands warm, but also if you want to use sparklers it is much safer to be wearing gloves and ensuring you hold them arms length away from you to avoid getting burnt.
3. A hat or earmuffs, you want to keep your ears and head warm if you want to stay comfortable during a firework display.
4. Boots and fluffy socks, feet are another place you can easily loose heat from and therefore you want to keep them nice and warm.

What to eat...

1. Honestly, I love a good traditional hotdog or burger that you can buy from burger vans that are often placed around firework displays. They are so fun!
2. If you are going to a friends firework display or are hosting your own, have some Chilli Con Carne or even a nice warming flask of soup.
3. If you are spending the evening inside or in you garden, have a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows instead. Or you can even make s'mores on a chimnea.

What to do...

1. You can firstly see whether there are any local firework displays where you are because they are always fun to attend.
2. You could just have an evening in with your friends, with hot chocolates, popcorn and movies if being out in the cold watching fireworks isn't your thing.
3. Or make a small, SAFE, fire in your backgarden in a fire pit or chimnea, and even make a mini Guy to burn, because that is the original Guy Fawkes tradition that often is forgotten nowadays.

I hope you enjoyed this little Bonfire Night post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x