Thursday, 6 November 2014

DIY Skittles Milkshake

Hello Everybody,
Again I am sorry for being a bit on and off on my blog for a little while but I am waiting for things to settle down a bit before I have decided on a proper changed schedule... so we are going to be a tad RANDOM for the moment.
Anywhoooo... today I am going to show you how to make my signature, "Do you want a drink?" drink, which is a Skittles Milkshake. After trying these out at Shakeaway a few years ago and decided I loved them loads, I decided to create my own recipe, and I think it is about time I share it with you all.

What you will need!!

Nice Vanilla Ice-cream
Full Fat Milk
Sharing bag of Skittles


1. Put four scoops of the vanilla ice-cream into a blender.
2. Pour most of the pack of skittles into the blender, depending on how strong you want the milkshake to be.
3. Add the milk until it is about half-way up the level of ice-cream... I just measure by eye, bad habit, I know.
4. Pulse the blender so that it breaks up all of the skittles and then leave the blender on a high spend for about a minute.
5. Pour that Bad Boy into a gigantic glass... or two little ones if you like.
And BOOM! Voila!! Uno grandé Skittle Milkshake... or two little ones.

I hope you enjoy.
EmilyBelleBlogs x