Friday, 5 December 2014

A Christmas Book Review!

Hello Everybody,
I haven't read this year's Christmas book yet... but I thought however I could do a review of the Christmas book I read last year that I'm pretty sure my mum bought me for a joke a few years ago. Basically, for years I have always begged my mum to buy me a dog but because she was bitten by one of my Nan's dogs before I was born she has very much hated dogs. So, she then bought me a book called, The Puppy that Came for Christmas... by Megan Rix.
The Puppy that Came for Christmas is both an emotional but very sweet book for Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is quite different to what I would normally read, because normally I would pick up a romantic novel, or even a classic novel. However, there was something special about this book that made me thoroughly enjoy it.
The story is about a couple called Megan (the author) and Ian who unfortunately struggled to have children after getting married and therefore decided to start looking after puppies for their first 6 months of training into being Helper Dogs. Unfortunately, after doing this twice with two adorable puppies, the first one called Emma and the second called Freddy, they started to find it too painful having to return the puppies for them to further their work with the charity, and therefore stopped.
But then, one Christmas they decided to get a puppy of their own called Traffy, which would be much less painful for them because they would not have to give her up.
This is a true story, which I suppose makes this even more heartwarming for Christmas. I really commend Megan for sharing her story with everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this little book review, and I will see you tomorrow.
EmilybelleBlogs x