Monday, 8 December 2014

Birthday Party Photo Diary

Hello Everybody!!
If you are aware, I am the Birthday girl and I am totally 17 now, whoop whoop!! But, to celebrate this special day, on Friday night I had a little Birthday Party around my house. As today's theme was a photo diary I thought I would show you some party photos, trying my best not to embarrass my friends in anyway. But, I hope you like these little pictures and I will write a little bit about my party after.
I do firstly want to apologise for the terrible lighting in all of these pictures, but it was night time and dark, so I hope you can understand.
I had a fab evening. It actually started with me getting home in the evening to find that my new school bag had finally arrived *I broke my old one* and in the parcel were not one but two chocolate bars. It's almost as if ASOS knew it was my Birthday or something. Anyway, I highly recommend the Ritz Cadbury chocolate bars because they taste absolutely delicious.
I then got ready in my new skirt and top and curled my hair to make it look different and pretty. And then soon after I arranged everything around ready for the party my friends arrived. Our evening consisted of music, dancing, food, pizza takeaway and just fun, as we don't see eachother as a group of friends all together very often.
I hope you enjoyed this little photo diary.
EmilyBelleBlogs x