Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Woman/Girls!!

Hello Everybody,
Today I will be sharing with you a little gift guide of what to give your girly friends for Christmas this year, so if you are still stuck on what to buy them then this will be the post for you... I hope. I will be doing all of my gifts for different price ranges to suit everyone, and they will be a mix of my favourite places to buy gifts.

1. A compact tangle teezer which are great little things to carry around with you on a windy day to get rid of your horrible knots, £13, found here.
2. Old-fashioned Polaroid camera, a bit more expensive but any girl will love this if they have no idea what to get for an extra special gift, photography, vintage and decoration... perfection, £160, found here.
3. Happy plugs headphones because nothing beats some lovely pair of colourful headphones, £25, found here.
4. A little Christmassy star necklace which you can personalize and it looks so super pretty and beautiful, £19.50, found here.
5. Photo drink coasters, beecause everybody loves a little bit of personality and also a little bit of nostalgia. The perfect gift for families, £15, found here.
6. Light bulb vase, for those flower lovers. If you fancy buying them something completely different, and awesome looking, £12.95, found here.
7. A First Aid Beauty Gift Set, because literally all ladies love a little bit of skincare stuff, £20.50, found here.
8. This Works Dream Team, because all girls need there beauty sleep and sometimes we can find it a little bit of a struggle, £10, found here.

I hope this helps you all.
EmilyBelleBlogs x