Monday, 15 December 2014

Favourite Christmas Films

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought that it would be nice for me to share with you a few of my favourite Christmas movies... because... I FREAKING LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES... and that is what I have been told to write, but we can pretend I haven't said that. Rather then me rambling with a long intro I am going to jump straight into it...


This film seems to be a general favourite with the world's population, probably because of it's heartwarming yet hilarious story line. It is about a boy/man called Buddy who one day crawled into Santa's sack and was bought home and bought up by elves. But as he grew up he wanted to find his Dad and the story is mostly about Buddy finding his Dad and learning how to fit into the real world, and also goes on a quest to liven up the Christmas spirit.

Santa Clause 2

As Santa is getting older his elves begin to worry that he will one day be unable to do his job. That's when his job gets taken over by a robot clone and the real Santa and his family have to work together to keep the real Santa's job, whilst getting Charlie (Santa's son) off of the naughty list.

The Holiday

A romance about two ladies who are fed up of where they live and decide to do a life swap (USA to UK) during the festive season. This gives the two leading actresses a chance to let their hair down and rebuild their lives in completely different ways.

Deck The Halls

This movie is about a family that have just moved in and at first do not seem to get on with their neighbours. The plot of the story is that the father of the new household wants to be the most festive man in the area and starts up a quest to make his house visible from space in the dark by using only Christmas lights.

What Christmas movies do you like?
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