Monday, 1 December 2014

First #bigblogmasproject2014 What winter means to me!

Hello Everybody,
Today is the first day of the #bigblogmasproject2014, which means I should be blogging everyday between now and New Year. Wow!! This is going to be a crazy month. I do want to add I have my birthday, a Christmas show, a finance mock and Christmas and New Year obviously. So, this month is certainly going to be a crazy ride.
However, today I am going to be doing a post about what winter means to me, because I personally think that everybody has a different view on what winter really is and what it means to them.
Winter means to me cosy nights in with hot chocolates and movies whilst snuggling up under fuzzy blankets.
Winter means to me family nights in watching Christmas movies and eating roast dinner.
Winter means to me fuzzy socks to keep your feet warm on frosty mornings on the way to school.
Winter means to me, time for your most glittery and glam dresses to emerge from you wardrobe ready to party.
Winter means to me baking for family when usually you wouldn't.
Winter means to me sitting around a nice warm fire, or in our case putting the heating on full and putting a pretend DVD fireplace on the TV.
Winter means to me wearing massive jumpers and not caring about what you look like as long as you are warm.
Winter means to me shopping with family buying gifts for others and yourself.
Winter means to me, a special time of giving and loving.
EmilyBelleBlogs x