Thursday, 4 December 2014

Liberty's Christmas Decoration Wishlist!

Hello Everybody,
Today's theme was a Christmas Decoration Wishlist, and as it is a wishlist I thought... wishes... dreams... a girl can dream right? And, as soon as I thought about that I thought about Liberty's Christmas decorations, that's why I am doing my wishlist based on them, even though I obviously couldn't afford these decorations.

1. Multicolour painted glass gingerbread house decoration, £5.95, found here.
2. Gold-tone leaves bauble, £3.95, found here.
3. Extra-large Liberty Felt Robin, £59.95, found here.
4. Gold-tone Robin Glass Bauble, £3.95, found here.
5. Multicolour dachshund glass decoration, £16.95, found here.
6. Gold-tone glitter reindeer ornament, £4.95, found here.
7. Purple and jewelled holly bauble, £4.95, found here.
8. Turquoise Peacock Feather Scalloped Bauble, £5.95, found here.

Emilybelleblogs x