Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Christmas Jumper... plus a little bit of explaining!

Hello Everybody,
It may not come to any surprise to you when I hold my hand up and say, "I am a terrible blogger!". I am supposed to be blogging everyday this month yet haven't written in a week. I feel absolutely terrible and honestly wish I could have written all of the blog posts I had planned because I was so excited about them. What I failed to realise is that December would be a very busy month for me when I signed up for the #bigblogmasproject2014.
So far this month I have started a proper job, had coursework deadlines at school, celebrated my 17th birthday, started learning to drive, as well as all of the Christmas celebrations in between and being in the school's pantomime. I also did not realise that I would be poorly for a good 2 weeks, which has been absolutely horrible considering the fact that I never normally get ill. For all of these reasons I haven't been able to properly commit to this challenge, however I am hoping I am back and able to post for the rest of the month now that school has ended and I am now feeling quite a bit better.
Anyway, today's post is about my Christmas jumper, which I can honestly say is the best Christmas jumper EVER!
My Christmas jumper was bought 2 years ago when Republic was still on the go and I was so excited when I saw it because it is quite different from what I had seen everybody else wearing. It is a cream cable knit jumper with pastel blue, and pink details all over it. It has reindeer going all around the chest area, which makes it festive, and it is completely subtle unlike most Christmas jumpers which don't tend to be at all stylish.
I have decided that next Christmas it will be time for me to invest in a new Christmas jumper, because I need to wear them so many times over the Christmas holidays. I am thinking however, I could quickly nab one in the sales after Christmas because they are quite expensive considering you can only really wear them at one time of the year.

What do your Christmas jumpers look like?
EmilyBelleBlogs x