Sunday, 28 December 2014

What I got for Christmas (& Birthday)!

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would share with you what I got for Christmas and my Birthday as I was meant to do it yesterday for Blogmas and also because it was highly enjoyed by you all last year. I would like to say before I start this post that I am extremely grateful for everything that I received, and I am not trying to brag in any way. I hope you enjoy this little post, and also had a great Christmas, because I know we haven't spoken since then.
I am going to try and go through all of my stuff systematically because I already feel like I could be rambling for a while otherwise, and this post may be quite the struggle to write, as I was very lucky this year and received quite a lot of bits and bobs, which after I write this I will be trying to find a home for... and oh boy I am terrible at tidying things away, I get so easily distracted... but needs must!
Firstly I will go through my main presents, as I presume they are the things that you will all be most excited to hear about, as much as I was to receive. The first thing I got was a subscription to Spotify Premium...well... technically I'm paying for it at the moment, but I'm sure my Mum will sort out the standing order soon. I then got some Original Cloud 9 hair straighteners, and "oh my word" these are lifesavers. I'd been using the same set of cheap straigheners for years, but these new ones actually hold my hairs straight-ness, leave my hair looking glossy and also have different heat settings. From my friends I also got the Zoeva Rose Gold makeup brush kit, and it is the best surprise I think I have ever received... I literally... gah... I can't!!
Another one of my most exciting gifts, mainly because it was something very different to anything I have is the MAC lipstick in Amplified Violetta. It is the most amazing shade of purple, and although it looks particularly scary in the packaging, it is actually beautiful when put on.
A few fashion bits that I received were some... what I normally describe as "Bob the Builder" boots with a little bit of a heel, these look absolutely incredible, and I love the fact that they go with so many of my clothes. I also got a poncho *which I forgot to photograph* from Next, and it is a lovely beige colour with an Aztec pattern on it, and a turtle neck.
For my secret santa I received some Vanilla Chai Yankee Candle tea lights, which smell like minced pies, and some lovely love heart shaped tea light holders. I also received a Yankee Candle Christmas Eve votive as well from another friend.
Some little stocking filler bits I received were a Kitchen timer in the shape of a Kitchenaid from a friend, it was technically a Birthday present. Some bars of soap from Bomb Cosemetics. A little Ted Baker gift set with some nice bath bits inside. A little metal mug, with some chocolate on the inside; an i.scout bandana type thingmabob, and many pairs of socks., as well as some new hockey gloves as mine were on their last legs.
Other hair things that I received included a hair wrap thing that I can use to help dry my hair after I have washed it. I was so happy with this gift because my hair literally holds water like a camel, it will not dry! I also got a little Tresemmé kit that includes a mini shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and a mini hairbrush.
I also got the book Girl Online, by Zoe Sugg, which I was so chuffed about that I actually finished the book by the end of Boxing Day! I will however do a review of the book, as I know there has been a lot of iffyness over it, but I really enjoyed it... and I am not just saying that because it is Zoe's book.
I also got some bath bits, which included 4 shower gels from the Bodyshop, in the flavours, Moringa, Honeymania, Olive and Strawberry. I got a Radox set which had their raspberry shower cream and coconut shower cream included and finally a Lynx Attract gift set. Lets hope all of these smelly's aren't really because people are trying to tell me I smell.
I also got some of my favourite ever DVDs which I was so pleased about because I have been wanting to watch them for too long now. These include Les Miserables and The Fault in our Stars.
Finally, I received a life supply of chocolate... not literally, but it feels like I have got that much now, and I will have to eat it all before it melts! And also quite a bit of money as well as a Topshop voucher, and as I get paid this week and it is the sales, I will most probably be going shopping... so expect a haul pretty soon.
I hope you enjoyed this very long post on all of the things that I received. I would just like to say thank you to anyone that wished me a Merry Christmas and made this year special, I am a very lucky girl.
See you tomorrow... or maybe even later...
EmilyBelleBlogs x