Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Story Time!- Homework in Costa!!

Hello Everybody,
I hope you are all well and have had a good week. My week has been really good *apart from finding out that my Disney trip was cancelled, but more on that another time*. I've had a busy week/weekend which ended up in me using my lunch break -I was at a trade fair- to do a bit of homework, which ended up being quite productive, which is funny because I was writing about production possibility curves... however, I am sure you are not interested in that.
Anyway, during my lunch hour, I headed off to Costa, grabbed a Mocha *I needed caffine... I was up at 6:30!* a sandwich, some vegetable crisps and a Juicy Water and headed upstairs because I knew it was quieter up there. I didn't start my homework right away and whilst pondering on how great 2015 has been so far, and how good it will be, I sipped on my mocha and ate my sandwich.
Once I had finished that moment of mindfulness I got started on my homework, that's when I realised how great it is in a quiet coffee shop to do my work. How can something make homework not feel like a chore? I completed what I wanted to complete much quicker than expected and was quite proud of myself.
I know this is a short story, but it feels like a happy moment. A moment in time that I have spent alone and actually felt good. Naturally, sitting in a coffee shop alone would normally make me feel vulnerable, small, and very self-conscious. I have never normally enjoyed being be myself, but something about just thinking about how peaceful that moment was made me feel amazingly happy, and also made me thankful for all of the opportunities that have been given to me lately,
I hope you have a wonderful week this week and don't forget to smile. No matter what life throws at you there is always better opportunities to come, happy times ahead, and always things to be thankful for.
Lots of love,
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 22 January 2015

MAC Violetta Review!!

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would do a review of a MAC lipstick that I received for my birthday as it is a bit different, and I don't think many people own it, but I think it deserves more hype. Plus it looks like a really scary colour, but is honestly not as scary as it looks in the tube, in fact I think this colour will suit so many skin types.
And that is MAC Violetta...


I thought I would write about the most important topic first and that is the colour, and yes... it is in fact PURPLE!! I am talking a proper violet purple, not any of that plum purple rubbish. Yesh... it looks pretty scary and bright. But it is one of those "You can build it up" kind of colours. So if the colour scares you, dabbing on a tiny bit for daily wear looks just as good, as layering a couple layers of lipstick on to get a more opaque purple.


The formula is Amplified Pro, which I was a bit worried about because I am only used to MAC cremesheen formulas. But, amplified pro is still creamy and lasts a long time. I would say the only difference is that it makes the lipstick look slightly more metallic.

Overall I really like this lipstick, normally I would discuss it's price and packaging, but as I have already reviewed MAC lipsticks on my blog before there isn't really a need for me to go over the same stuff again. All I would say, is that this lipstick is quite an aging colour, so if you are worried about looking older then you already are, don't buy this lipstick.

EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January haul!

Hey Hey Hey!!
I've done a bit of naughty shopping this month, and I thought that it was about time that I posted a bit of a haul on here, to share with you all of the amazing stuff that I have picked up recently, as I thought you would all be pretty interested considering  that I haven't done a proper shopping haul since September as I have only really bought things randomly since then.



From Primark I picked up quite a lot whilst I was in there, but then I walked out with quite a bit less then I originally picked up. In fact I only bought I pink floral smock top, which is very, very much my style. I also bought a couple of white vest tops, because they are cheap as chips, and not really something I like spending lots of money on.


From H&M I bought only one thing, but it is the most beautiful top ever. It is a peplum black and white stripey top, which is super duper flattering, which is good for me as I have quite a boyish body shape. It also has a lower back, which makes it look slightly more elegant.


Firstly I bought the amazingly coveted Joni jeans which I love and have been wanting for so long. I bought a black pair, because I only had blue jeans before and thought I would get more wear out of black ones. Topshop Joni Jeans, are Super High Waisted skinny jeans, but also amazingly comfy. I also picked up a white cropped t-shirt which has a denim blue trim around the neck and arms.


From ASOS I bought firstly a long sleeve turtle neck cropped top, which is very different for me, but I absolutely love it. I also bought a baseball top which is white with black sleeves, but also has a smock bottom, which gives the edginess of the jumper a bit more girliness. I also got a white top with a sheer material bottom from the brand Vila. As well as, a baggy long sleeve t-shirt from the brand Monki.



From boots I bought a whole host of things, I bought the Soap and Glory Brow Archery, which makes my eyebrows look fairly good actually. As well as buying the Soap and Glory Peach Party blush which is really shimmery but actually makes my face look less washed out. From Bourjois I picked up the khol & contour black eyeliner and Contour clubbing waterproof neon blue eyeliner. I also bought the Maybelline colour tattoo in On and On Bronze  and the Baby Lips Dr Rescue in the colour Berry soft


Finally, from Feelunique I bought that Stila in the Light palette which I am so excited to use because as you will know I have been wanting to buy it for ages.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope to be doing some reviews and outfit posts soon.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday Story Time!! The time I nearly fell off a mountain!

Hey Everybody,
Sorry for my absence, I seemed to have lost track of time last week and hence never actually got round to writing a blog post, but this week will be different... hopefully!
Today I thought I would tell you a bit of a story, a story of something that once happened to me, you will have to bear in mind that no matter how ridiculous or overplayed this story may sound, it is completely true and not fictional... and I suppose it is my version of a near death experience, but also one of the best days of my life *because I didn't die, and the place it happened was absolutely beautiful.
Taken at the top of the mountain
Back in 2009, when I was 11 I went to Switzerland with my scout troop, and believe me, it was the best trip I think I have ever been on. In some ways, I probably experienced more in Switzerland then I did on my family holiday in Florida. We went abseiling, white water rafting, and even zip-wiring across a valley, and even though these activities have their risks, the most frightening thing happened on the day we went for a hike up a mountain.
I would say that we were about 3/4 of the way up the mountain, and the air was getting thinner, and we were all struggling for breath, and that is when it happened. I was just skipping along *I skipped a lot in my younger years* not even caring that there was a very large drop the other side of me and I lost my footing. To me, tripping over wasn't anything I was new to, I tripped down the curb on the way to school most days at this point, but this trip was different.
One second I had two feet on the ground, and the next... my right foot was literally hanging off a 100 foot drop (probably bigger than that). I was practically doing the splits whilst clinging onto the side of the rock face with both of my hands. At this point I had also lost my voice completely, and run out of water, so I was literally gasping for breath whilst trying to get somebodies attention that I was about to fall to my perilous death. To be honest, I wasn't particularly terrified, as I was with plenty of people who could help me back up but I remember one thought running through my mind, "What if my Dad and brother had to go back home without me? What would mum do?". That's when one of my awesome friends grabbed from under my arm and pulled me back onto even ground.
And that was the story of the day I nearly fell off of a mountain. Crazy right? Have any of you had any had any near death experiences?

EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Things the internet has taught me!

Hello Everybody,
I was having another one of those thoughts... in fact, it's weird that so far this year my blog has been mostly about things that pop into my mind. But, I like that, it is where I feel most comfortable, to just be inside your head and then splurging out all of my thoughts onto a piece of paper, or in this case onto my blog. 
Today I thought I would talk about what the internet has taught me, but the good stuff because I think I need to cut the internet some slack. Yes there is a lot of hate on the internet because people use their computers, laptops and phones as their fronts... but that it so not important, because those people are just bored and have nothing better to do, and most of all, have no courage.

How to feel pretty!

I don't want to sound self obsessed, and whether you think I am pretty or not is completely your opinion. But the internet has taught me about skincare, makeup and haircare, which are all things I knew nothing about before I found the world of YouTube. I honesty would not have known how to make myself feel happy in my own skin without the use of the internet. I am so happy at the moment with my skin, how makeup can change my look and how nicely my hair is growing and all of the different styles I can put it into. It's a hobby that I enjoy, and something that I am glad the internet has shown me.

How to be confident with myself.

I was bullied a lot in my younger years and that made me very paranoid, not comfortable with my own style and not happy enough to speak my own mind and take charge once in a while. I'm not perfect and I have learnt to accept that, but I have also learnt to be happy with myself. Not everyone has to like me, but on the internet, on my blog, I feel like I can be me. So many other empowering bloggers have shown me that in the words of Tyler Oakley "You do you" the best. You can be have your own style, you can have own personality and you can have your own opinion, and be happy. Finally, I feel like I can be happy with myself, and not feel like I will be judged and picked on for what I enjoy.

How to have my own voice.

This might seem silly, because I've always had my own voice, I've always been able to talk. But I feel like the internet is a great for expressing yourself when sometimes others do not care. Through Twitter and this blog I can do that. I can speak my mind and have people actually enjoy what I am saying rather than people just thinking, "Urgh Gosh! Here she goes again!".

I hope you liked this little ramble.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Feel the fear!

This is a slightly weird one. A completely unplanned post, one of those spur of the moment posts, that you could have thought about, but to be honest, you just kind of wanted to splurge out onto a page as soon as you started thinking about it.
This post is about fear, nervousness, anything along those lines really. It's about how we all feel it, and that sometimes we have to feel it and beat it.

I'm one of those people that comes across as brave to most; carefree, happy, fearless in fact. But, deep down a lot of the time I don't feel that way. In my mind I am actually a bit of a whimp, and no matter how many times I face something, sometimes the fear stays there. I like to think it is good, sometimes my fear can actually make me more motivated *which sounds odd, but some of you may get it* and make me do things in much better ways.
In our life we have to do scary things, we have to do exams, we have to get a job and a lot of us want to learn to drive. All of these things a huge and scary, but also a way of life. 
I was sitting in the living room earlier today watching the rain drip down my front window waiting for my driving instructor to arrive. I got that familiar fearful sensation in my stomach that I get whenever I am about to do something that I am a little nervous about. I wasn't afraid of driving, I knew that because I've done it before and was fine... but to me driving in the rain was a whole different ball game. Turns out I was actually fine at it, I drove quite a long way and managed my first lesson without stalling the car.
Another thing happened to me yesterday, I had been put onto the tills at my work. I have never done it before, and was quite terrified because I always thought that the software would be confusing to handle. But my first customer made the most complicated order in the history of all orders and I actually handled it quite well. I mean, I haven't plucked up the courage to answer the phone yet, but next week I will, because I need to.
I don't really know where this post is taking me, but I think what I am trying to say is sometimes we have to feel fear because it's the only way we can learn to grow up. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable; even sometimes that feeling that I get in my stomach, the lump that I get in my throat and the hot flushes can be too much, but most of the time they are okay, they pass. We can do what we fear. And, you know what? It is soooo exhilarating facing that fear. Facing the fear and knowing that it was absolutely fine.
Life is full of exciting adventures and challenges, and no matter how much they can scare you, most of the time you will be sure to have a great time. So, this year, 2015, you will face your fears, and you will feel your fears and you will know that you have unearthed a great, and rewarding adventure.
Good Luck,
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello Everybody!!
This is just a quick note to say Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is made out of everything you wish it to be, you achieve all you want to achieve, and that you put in as much to this year as you possibly can to make it your best year ever.

My blog will always be here and I thank you for the support you gave it last year, and I can only hope that I get the same support this year.
Have a fabulous day and year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!