Saturday, 3 January 2015

Feel the fear!

This is a slightly weird one. A completely unplanned post, one of those spur of the moment posts, that you could have thought about, but to be honest, you just kind of wanted to splurge out onto a page as soon as you started thinking about it.
This post is about fear, nervousness, anything along those lines really. It's about how we all feel it, and that sometimes we have to feel it and beat it.

I'm one of those people that comes across as brave to most; carefree, happy, fearless in fact. But, deep down a lot of the time I don't feel that way. In my mind I am actually a bit of a whimp, and no matter how many times I face something, sometimes the fear stays there. I like to think it is good, sometimes my fear can actually make me more motivated *which sounds odd, but some of you may get it* and make me do things in much better ways.
In our life we have to do scary things, we have to do exams, we have to get a job and a lot of us want to learn to drive. All of these things a huge and scary, but also a way of life. 
I was sitting in the living room earlier today watching the rain drip down my front window waiting for my driving instructor to arrive. I got that familiar fearful sensation in my stomach that I get whenever I am about to do something that I am a little nervous about. I wasn't afraid of driving, I knew that because I've done it before and was fine... but to me driving in the rain was a whole different ball game. Turns out I was actually fine at it, I drove quite a long way and managed my first lesson without stalling the car.
Another thing happened to me yesterday, I had been put onto the tills at my work. I have never done it before, and was quite terrified because I always thought that the software would be confusing to handle. But my first customer made the most complicated order in the history of all orders and I actually handled it quite well. I mean, I haven't plucked up the courage to answer the phone yet, but next week I will, because I need to.
I don't really know where this post is taking me, but I think what I am trying to say is sometimes we have to feel fear because it's the only way we can learn to grow up. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable; even sometimes that feeling that I get in my stomach, the lump that I get in my throat and the hot flushes can be too much, but most of the time they are okay, they pass. We can do what we fear. And, you know what? It is soooo exhilarating facing that fear. Facing the fear and knowing that it was absolutely fine.
Life is full of exciting adventures and challenges, and no matter how much they can scare you, most of the time you will be sure to have a great time. So, this year, 2015, you will face your fears, and you will feel your fears and you will know that you have unearthed a great, and rewarding adventure.
Good Luck,
EmilyBelleBlogs x