Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday Story Time!! The time I nearly fell off a mountain!

Hey Everybody,
Sorry for my absence, I seemed to have lost track of time last week and hence never actually got round to writing a blog post, but this week will be different... hopefully!
Today I thought I would tell you a bit of a story, a story of something that once happened to me, you will have to bear in mind that no matter how ridiculous or overplayed this story may sound, it is completely true and not fictional... and I suppose it is my version of a near death experience, but also one of the best days of my life *because I didn't die, and the place it happened was absolutely beautiful.
Taken at the top of the mountain
Back in 2009, when I was 11 I went to Switzerland with my scout troop, and believe me, it was the best trip I think I have ever been on. In some ways, I probably experienced more in Switzerland then I did on my family holiday in Florida. We went abseiling, white water rafting, and even zip-wiring across a valley, and even though these activities have their risks, the most frightening thing happened on the day we went for a hike up a mountain.
I would say that we were about 3/4 of the way up the mountain, and the air was getting thinner, and we were all struggling for breath, and that is when it happened. I was just skipping along *I skipped a lot in my younger years* not even caring that there was a very large drop the other side of me and I lost my footing. To me, tripping over wasn't anything I was new to, I tripped down the curb on the way to school most days at this point, but this trip was different.
One second I had two feet on the ground, and the next... my right foot was literally hanging off a 100 foot drop (probably bigger than that). I was practically doing the splits whilst clinging onto the side of the rock face with both of my hands. At this point I had also lost my voice completely, and run out of water, so I was literally gasping for breath whilst trying to get somebodies attention that I was about to fall to my perilous death. To be honest, I wasn't particularly terrified, as I was with plenty of people who could help me back up but I remember one thought running through my mind, "What if my Dad and brother had to go back home without me? What would mum do?". That's when one of my awesome friends grabbed from under my arm and pulled me back onto even ground.
And that was the story of the day I nearly fell off of a mountain. Crazy right? Have any of you had any had any near death experiences?

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