Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Things the internet has taught me!

Hello Everybody,
I was having another one of those thoughts... in fact, it's weird that so far this year my blog has been mostly about things that pop into my mind. But, I like that, it is where I feel most comfortable, to just be inside your head and then splurging out all of my thoughts onto a piece of paper, or in this case onto my blog. 
Today I thought I would talk about what the internet has taught me, but the good stuff because I think I need to cut the internet some slack. Yes there is a lot of hate on the internet because people use their computers, laptops and phones as their fronts... but that it so not important, because those people are just bored and have nothing better to do, and most of all, have no courage.

How to feel pretty!

I don't want to sound self obsessed, and whether you think I am pretty or not is completely your opinion. But the internet has taught me about skincare, makeup and haircare, which are all things I knew nothing about before I found the world of YouTube. I honesty would not have known how to make myself feel happy in my own skin without the use of the internet. I am so happy at the moment with my skin, how makeup can change my look and how nicely my hair is growing and all of the different styles I can put it into. It's a hobby that I enjoy, and something that I am glad the internet has shown me.

How to be confident with myself.

I was bullied a lot in my younger years and that made me very paranoid, not comfortable with my own style and not happy enough to speak my own mind and take charge once in a while. I'm not perfect and I have learnt to accept that, but I have also learnt to be happy with myself. Not everyone has to like me, but on the internet, on my blog, I feel like I can be me. So many other empowering bloggers have shown me that in the words of Tyler Oakley "You do you" the best. You can be have your own style, you can have own personality and you can have your own opinion, and be happy. Finally, I feel like I can be happy with myself, and not feel like I will be judged and picked on for what I enjoy.

How to have my own voice.

This might seem silly, because I've always had my own voice, I've always been able to talk. But I feel like the internet is a great for expressing yourself when sometimes others do not care. Through Twitter and this blog I can do that. I can speak my mind and have people actually enjoy what I am saying rather than people just thinking, "Urgh Gosh! Here she goes again!".

I hope you liked this little ramble.
EmilyBelleBlogs x