Saturday, 6 June 2015

Choccywoccydoodah Secret Rooms

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would do a post about something a little different, and that is about Choccywoccydoodah's Secret Room. I specifically went to the one down Carnaby Street (it was a little tricky to find, but none the less we still made it) however, I am aware that more recently a secret room has been opened near there original store in Brighton.
Anyway, I thought I would share my experience on the place with you, as it could give you a slightly more unique idea of what to do when you plan your next trip into London.
When I walked into the secret room, which from the outside, I kid you not,  looked like a cupboard or a stock room, I was in awe. How could anybody be so clever as to be able to turn what was most probably a manky old space into something so beautiful?
There were climbers running up the wall and intertwining on the ceiling. Flowers blooming from every corner of the stunning space. A water feature- with no water- that seemed to fill the room with quirkiness. Chairs in different shapes and sizes, that before I would have never thought would work together, and swings hanging from twines of leaves.
Best of all, was the grand table, which was filled with sweet goodies, and the most delicate looking mis-matched cups and saucers my eyes ever did see. The teapot was enormous, and covered with a pretty Cath Kidson-esque, design, it was so beautiful that if it was little bit smaller I probably would have tried to snoop it home in my handbag.
I sat down and started tasting the samples of the cakes and chocolate and the sweets and biscuits, when the host asked us what would like to drink -followed by the statement of "You can have as much as you like". I ordered a fresh strawberry milkshake, and it was heavenly. However, never had I thought in my life that it was possible to become full within 15 minutes of a 2 hour sitting; I blame my small stomach for that.

It was overwhelming, just smelling the chocolate. So whilst I let my nose get used to the smell that may well have been putting me into some slightly delirious trance, I snooped around the room. Admiring the flowers and trinkets that were that were ever so cleverly placed. I very quickly fell in love with a life size ornament of an flamingo, which I am sure I will be finding a replica of to place in my room at some point in the future.
There was also a secret door behind where I was sitting which revealed a grass covered wall, with a large key hole shape sitting in the middle. When I looked "Through ta key'ole" I saw the most fascinating adornment staring up at me; it was a rabbit with antlers. The host of the secret room later explained to me that it was the mascot of Choocywoccydoodah, but I was just so astonished by the creativity of the idea. As well as that, there were grand old mirrors, stylishly placed as to make the room seem bigger then it already was, and cute little garden tables, placed around the room.

Later, after cleansing my palette on a number of different flavoured lemonades, more ice-cream and cake came out. And the winner of the day, the banana split. Even if you do not want to spend £250 with 10 of your friends (between you) to spend 2 hours over-indulging on the sweet deliciousness of Choccywoccydoodah, at least book a table at the cafĂ© and try one of their banana splits, because it tastes absolutely divine. I wish I could eat a Choccywoccydoodah banana split everyday, and I am sure when I go for my trip in the summer to Brighton I will be having it again, and if I decide to go to the University of Sussex next year (albeit I make the grades) my pocket my be feeling a little bit light.
However, if you are planning on having a girly day out with your friends sometime in the future I highly recommend booking a secret room, it is £250 for a maximum of 10 people and an extra £25 for anyone extra, thus I believe it is definitely worth the £25 each in which it costs. Just be sure to go with an empty stomach, and don't over do it if you have to travel far back home.
Also, you will get given little boxes to cram any leftovers into and take home with you. I didn't do this because after the amount of food I had consumed I didn't think it would be possible for me to ever be hungry again -big mistake- do not turn down the box!
I hope this helped you decide whether you want to use Choccywoccydoodah's secret room, whether it is for a special occasion or just a fun day out, and do let me know whether you have used this service before.
EmilyBelleBlogs x