Sunday, 9 August 2015

July Favourites!

Hello Everybody,
It has been a rather long time since I have written about my favourites, I think my last favourite post was in January or February time, so I am a pretty bad blogger in that respect. However, today I thought I would actually write about my favourites from last month.
I will try not to make this post seem to rushed but I am determined to stick to my new schedule which is for me to upload a new post every Sunday and Wednesday at 5pm, and it is currently Sunday and I am about to go out and still haven't written anything, thus I better get started.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde

Recently I picked up a shampoo and conditioner from John Frieda's Sheer Blonde collection as I am trying to get my hair a little bit lighter without having to use peroxide as I do not want to damage my hair, particularly because I am trying to grow it. I am using the Go Blonder shampoo and the highlight activating conditioner. Not only have I noticed my hair start to get a bit lighter, which I am absolutely loving this summer. My hair feels so healthy, and every time I wash it, my hair feels as though I have had it washed at  a salon.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Big, voluminous lashes is what I want, and the Perversion mascara gives me exactly this. To be honest, I wouldn't have thought about buying it before but I saw that if I subscribed to become an Elle Insider I would receive this for free just for subscribing, and I do love a good bargain. Plus, the mascara is better then I expected thus it didn't disappoint.

Real Techniques Brow Brush

I've this brow brush from the Real Techniques Starter Kit for a while now, and since I ran out of my Brow Archery I converted back to this and forgot how natural and precise it makes my brows look. I use it along with Faint eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette to achieve the brow I desire. 

Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser

I only really bought this cleanser because I ran out of my old one and saw that it was foaming and got a little bit over excited, but I just love using this product. It makes my skin feel so super squeaky clean, although is a tiny bit drying, but paired with a good moisturiser this cleanser is magic.

Wrigley's Extra White Bubblemint Gum

I'm not a massive gum fan because often it makes me feel quite hungry, however I do quite like to use it freshen up. I had used extra white before and quite liked how it made my teeth appear whiter so I thought I would give the bubble mint flavour a whirl and love it.

On a side not, at the end of July I passed my driving test first time, and it was literally the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you. I now understand why people say passing your driving test is not a feeling you will forget.
EmilyBelleBlogs x