Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Back2Skool Stationery Haul

*Before I start this post I just want to say that I am very aware that "skool" is an incorrect spelling, I just used it because I think I'm funny, haha, no I'm not, okay, let's start*.
Hello Everybody,
I'm sure most of you that go to school or college or sixth form have started by now *apparently my sixth form are one of the last in the country to start* but I thought I would share with you what I have bought for going back to school. I have debated doing a "What's in my school bag post" as well, so if you would like that let me know, but the contents of my bag will pretty much be the contents of my haul.
I am actually pretty proud of myself for leaving my back to school shopping so late; you want to know why? Of course you do because I've got you thinking now. BARGAINS!! Yep, all of my purchases, bar the bag and hair bits were only just over £10 overall. I did go back today however and all stationery has been bumped back up to it's original price... grrr...
The first thing I purchased is a new backpack, from Topshop. It is a large(ish) black (p)leather backback, with a magnetic clasp and a got amount of pockets *I love me some pockets*. It was very affordable for Topshop, although it is ever so slightly smaller then I would normally go for. I am hoping it will last me a year because as of recently I've had a little bit of a bad reputation with bags.
I then went out and purchased some new hair bands and bobby pins because, "WHERE DO THEY ALL GO?" I will literally buy 100 bobby pins and hair bands and within 2 weeks they are all missing, apart from two which I manage to not lose for the entire year and just end up wearing out.
I then purchased 4 binders, excessive, I know, however I am trying to sort my life out. Example one, I wrote my UCAS username and password onto a scrap piece of paper a month a go, lost it and then had to get UCAS to email me my username and let me reset my password. Literally, I am the clumsiest, messiest, frazzled person you will ever meet, in an organised sort of way, because I am pretty organised. I'm hoping stocking up on a large amount of binders might help me. I don't know why though, I'll be honest.
I then purchased a plethora *ew, what a nasty word?* of pens, many back, some coloured (because I love colour) and a range of highlighters. The most exciting thing about the highlighters however, is that the pack that I bought contains a purple highlighter, A PURPLE HIGHLIGHTER!! *Yes, I did need to shout that.*
I then bought a rather large pack of lined paper "Coz, gurl gets through paper like she's a book printing factory." And a pack of 10 binder dividers, because what are binders without dividers? I also picked up three mini composition notebooks. Mini, because mini is cute. I will probably use them for really random things, however I am currently using one to mind map some EPQ ideas.
I then also bought one of those fancy smancy pencil sharpeners that catches your pencil shavings in it's own pot thing, so that I don't have to be that awkward person that has to get up in class to sharpen my pencils. I also bought a 30cm ruler, shatterproof of course, to draw my ever so amazing graphs in Economics, thus we'll see how long that lasts without me snapping it in my bag.
Finally, I bought some fancy crocodile paper clip thingys that have fun words on them such as "To-do" and "Important". I will probably never use them, but the thought is there, and that is all that counts in my eyes.
I hope you enjoyed this little post, comment below what your school essential is.
EmilyBelleBlogs x