Monday, 28 December 2015

New Years Resolutions 2016

Hello Everybody,
Long time no speak! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I feel like I could come up with many excuses for not posting: Birthday, Christmas, Work, School, Hockey, Life... but  I don't think that really cuts it. I have 15- 16 hours in a day, and yes, some of those I genuinely am busy, but a lot of those hours I really am not. 
Last year I decided to not have New Years Resolutions, and although I do not regret it as such, I feel as though if I had actually set some New Years Resolutions I would've actually had a much more productive year. Instead this year I have picked up bad habits and quite a few regrets. I don't mean I have had a bad year, because 2015 has been a great year, and I feel like I have grown up a lot, done more on my own and had lots of fun. However, I wasted a lot of time; spent a lot of time moping around and also contracted every single cold going (I have one now) which I can only put down to my not so healthy diet. 
Therefore, this year, which is going to be a big year for me, I can tell, I am going to become that person I want to be: Happy, healthy and fun (I tried to think of another word beginning with "H" but failed miserably). Even though I am now technically and adult, I want to become that person that is a little more carefree, enjoys a laugh and makes everyone feel happy in their presence. I know it is a lot to ask, but in some respects, if you want something bad enough, you can fight for it!

1. Save Better

This is maybe a slightly odd one, considering I am not bad a budgeting. I have my online banking set up and I have different savings accounts set up for different occasions. I budgeted around driving lessons, and I saved up for a Ski Trip (which is one of the many things I am looking forward to next year). However, there is still a small part of me that wants to go on spending sprees, buy unnecessary things and never has enough money to actually go out and gain memories!

2. Be tidier

Even in this very moment my room is a mess, once a room is tidy it does not take long to keep a room tidy, it only takes 10 minutes in an evening to put a days crap *with wanting of a better word* away. If I set a time a side to do this before I go to bed every evening, then my room would be a much more pleasant place to stay in. I used to be able to do this, thus I do not see why I would be unable to do this again.

3. Blog more

In terms of my blog I am disappointed with myself, last year I was so good at keeping up to date with it. And yes, I do now have a real job and A Levels to handle, but I probably spend at least 14 hours a week on the internet achieving absolutely nothing. True, I do have a pretty pooey laptop, in which I dread to get out most days, however, once I have purchased my new one, I am hoping it gives me the motivation to actually sit at the table and write for you guys, even if that is just once a week (which is my ultimate goal at the moment).

4. Be healthier

I have some rather slobbish habits when it comes to being healthy. True, I do play hockey, and I am of a healthy weight and size. However, I eat terribly. I hate having breakfast, and eating it seems like a chore, I'd much rather eat some chocolate or have a bag of crisps. I snack, A LOT! I drink next to no water, and barely ever eat fruit. I never used to be like this, again, I think it's just growing up that has done it too me, and I know I am nowhere near as bad as some people. But for me, I am disappointed. I blame this part of me being the reason I seem to get ill so often now, I spend more of life trying to remember what it is like to breathe through both nostrils then actually being able to breathe through both nostrils.

5. Organise time more efficiently

If I got myself a diary, or even made myself a diary I believe I could quite easily achieve a lot more in a day. I spend a lot of my time waiting for things to happen then actually spending every moment of my time wisely. Besides, there is limited time in a day; this also means there is limited time to be able to do things for deadlines. I leave a lot of things until last minute, and certainly spend far too long lolloping on my bed rather then getting up and getting my butt organised and going.
For this I will purchase a diary (or even make one) and write lists of everything I want to achieve in a day. I will go to bed at a decent time, and get out of bed at a decent time, and I WILL GET ORGANISED!!

There are a lot more things I could do, and I most definitely want to be more adventurous in 2016, as there is nothing better then feeling proud of new achievements, but I want to have just a few actual resolutions. As if I have too many it will become impossible for me to achieve them. 
I hope you enjoyed this, and if you want, let me know what your New Years Resolutions are?
EmilyBelleBlogs x