Sunday, 31 January 2016

24 things... To do in 2016

Yes it's back, back, back; back again!
My favourite series on this blog has to be my "24 things..." series, most probably because I like lists. Therefore, this year I have decided to write a post on 24 things to do in 2016. These ideas are mostly things that I want to do, and if you want to see the list I made last year, then that post is here. I'll be honest I achieved very little on that list last year, apart from eating sushi, going ice-skating, going to a concert and passing my driving test, so I know I will be working on that also. But this year I thought I would extend on that list, but also include things that you guys could do also, but maybe not have thought of doing.

  1. Make a terrarium, they have become a big thing recently and I think I need to get my creative flair out of hiding.
  2. Go to Yo Sushi... I tried sushi last year and really liked it so now I think it is time for me to lose my Yo Sushi virginity. I've always been afraid to go because I am too scared that I'll have a Miranda moment and get a scarf or something caught in the conveyor belt (comment down below if you get my reference).
  3. Make balloon splatter art. Something about filling balloons up with paint and pinning them to a canvas and popping them pins makes me very happy.
  4. Go to a big farmers market. A few years ago I went to big farmers market with my mum and bought the most delicious cherries for super cheap, and I really want to do that again.
  5. Do an obstacle course colour run... okay... so I didn't do a colour run last year so I thought I would up my game and do an obstacle course one this year.
  6. Go strawberry picking, there is a place near where I live where you can go strawberry picking and now I can drive I really want to drive down there and go strawberry picking (I've said strawberry picking too many times), it'll really bring back some childhood memories.
  7. Go on a hike with my friends. The town where I live is surrounded by beautiful countryside and last year a new walking route was put in, and it goes through all of the local villages. This summer I would love to pack a picnic with some of my friends and walk it.
  8. Go to a horror maze thing at Halloween. Near where I live there is now a Tulley's Horror Farm, although next year I most likely would have moved out, I would love to go to it with my friends, as I think it'll be really funny.
  9. See Finding Dory... enough said.
  10. Go on a roadtrip, with a few friends that can drive now I would really love to go on a roadtrip this year, I think it'll be really fun.
  11. Go to a new city, I'm going to Leeds on Wednesday so I guess that will already count, but I don't seem to go very far in the country at the moment.
  12. Go to Madame Tussaud, I've never been before and I think it'll be such a laugh.
  13. Walk over the O2, how freaking cool does that sound? 
  14. Go banana boating, again, one word... fun!
  15. Go pottery painting, there is something about painting on plates and bowls and ornaments that makes me want to smile. I could do this before I go to uni so I have some more personal crockery to take with me.
  16. Start vlogging, to be honest, I really don't think I'll be very good at this, but maybe in the summer I can give it a shot.
  17. Write more on my blog, I am actually really happy with the fact that I have managed to post once a week on this blog in 2016, and I really feel as though I am getting back into the swing of things.
  18. Eat more cake... because why the hell not?!
  19. Have more girly nights with my friends, whether that is going out for meals, going to the cinema, or even just ordering takeaways round to our houses.
  20. Go to a club, I'm 18 and yet to have been to a club, the prospect scares me a little, because it's sweaty and gross, however I need preparation for freshers week!
  21. Make Tiger Loaf... everybody loves it.
  22. Get a boyfriend... I joke (it would be nice though aha!!)
  23. Go to an outdoor swimming pool, in England. There is one not too far from where I live, but my friends and I have been too chicken to take the plunge into the depths of it's icy cold water in recent years.
  24. Buy a pretty bra for myself, I am not blessed with big boobs, but I don't think that should stop me from buying some prettier underwear.
What is on your list of things to do this year?
EmilyBelleBlogs x