Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sainsbury's Homeware Haul!

Why hello there peeps!
When the new year came around, there were quite a few things I wanted to change up about my routine and lifestyle in general. I knew I wanted to be a bit more tidier and enjoy the space in which I relax in. For this reason I decided it was about time I made my room feel a bit more homely with a few more decorations. I was excited about doing this, particularly considering I hadn't updated my chilling space since I moved into that room when I was 10 (apart from the occasional moving of furniture), so it was in need of some good ol' TLC. Plus, I see the decorations that I have just bought for my room as an investment for when I go to Uni next year.
The first thing I picked up was some bunting, in which I have draped from my curtain rail. There is some really kitsch about bunting and for me I feel like it really reflects my personality. I love coffee shops and cake, and cute markets strung with bunting, so it brings a nice part of my favourite things into my bedroom which really does make me smile. It is also something that I believe will look really cute and lovely strung across my room when I go to uni.
I also bought some fairy lights, which I have strung around the mirror of my dressing table. They are little wicker love heart shapes and are just so adorable. They are also really bright so are actually really handy to turn on when I am doing my makeup, which is something that I find quite helpful. I also love turning my fairy lights on in the evening as it makes my room seem so much more prettier and tranquil.
Another item I picked up, which is currently sitting on my bedside table is a vase of fake flowers. I'll be honest, I haven't got much of a green finger and I am really rubbish at remembering to water plants, thus having a bouquet of flowers in my room which I do not have to worry about looking after is perfect for me. I also have heard that having plants in your room can create a more peaceful space and there is a sort of special feeling to my room now I have introduced plants into it... I am debating making my own terrarium at some point in the future, as I love cacti so much, I saw a fake one in Sainsbury's too which I nearly picked up, however, I decided that I wanted to be a bit more creative and actually make a real one myself. Besides, I've seen places where you can buy cheap terrarium pots, and there are plenty of garden centres near to where I live.
I also picked up a new duvet which is quite simply a white duvet with a pink floral and butterfly pattern on it. For years now I have had the same duvets, both of which are very dark shades of purple, and I believe neither really reflected me as a person. I believe having a lighter colour duvet has really brightened my room up, and has made it look much more feminine and elegant. Plus, new bed sheets feel so crisp and wonderful that they really do feel as though they were worth the money.
As well as the duvet I picked up a cushion to match. I already have two deep purple cushions in my room, but they are both the same and I wanted to mix things up a bit. This pillow is a more rectangular shape and is a light lilac shade. It also has a white floral detailing on it, thus going more along with the pattern which is on my new duvet. It also makes for a really good head prop, if like me you like to use your laptop in bed.
The final thing I bought was a pinky purple throw. I had a pink blanket which I used to keep on my bed, however it was old and beginning to look a little babyish in my room. Most of the time I like to keep a blanket at the bottom of my bed to keep my feet warm, so I knew I was due an update. It is a knitted throw with fraying around the edges, so it is really pretty and it really matches the colours and vibes of the rest of my room.
Have you bought anything to spruce up your room recently?
EmilyBelleBlogs x