Sunday, 21 February 2016


Hello Everybody,
I was recently scrolling through my Facebook, as you do, when I came across a new concept, campaign type thingy. It was called #downforone. This intrigued me, considering my life is taken over by technology, gadgets and social media... I mean, being a blogger myself must tell you something.
The concept of #downforone is that you should be able to put down you phone/tablet/laptop for one hour a day, and no, work time does not count... I mean in your leisure time. I personally feel as though this is something really good for myself to have a go at. Particularly considering I am refreshing my Instagram and Twitter feeds every 5 seconds at the moment, expecting something to have changed in that time.
I believe it is really important to switch off every now and again. Switching off make you become more aware of what is actually going on around you, and in some cases I believe that can make a more caring person as you have better recognition of what is going on around you.
There are a few things that I plan on doing, however I have decided that to make this #downforone idea work I am going to have to fit it into a routine. Therefore, between 16:30 and 17:30 everyday I am going to switch off my phone.
I am going to use this time either productively, for example, by getting on with any unfinished pieces of work. Or in a way in which I would've enjoyed before smartphones were a thing... whether that be by baking, reading a book/news article/magazine, or by trying my hand at learning how to play the piano again.
Not only do I want to make it a routine to be able to switch off for an hour a day I want to challenge myself further and enable myself to switch off at other times as well. I personally have always seen dinner time to be a time where phones should not be used anyway, it's just table manners at the end of the day. But other situations could also be appropriate times to turn off. For example, when visiting your friend for a coffee and chat, rather than asking for that friends wifi password (which you probably automatically connect to now anyway) and chatting to you other friends, whilst completely ignoring the being sitting in front of you, turn off your phone, and put it in your pocket. Have a proper conversation, look into your friends eyes and watch their lips whilst they are expressing their latest musings. It isn't hard, it is just manners.
Other times I feel as though I personally need to work on putting my phone away, are at parties... it's too easy to get your phone out to avoid any social contact sometimes. Family events, sometimes it is nice to get the board games out... articulate can be fun... and forget that Facebook and Twitter exist for a short while and just enjoy the company around you.
In this post what I am trying to articulate is that our lives do not revolve around our smartphones. We need to begin to see the world in a less parallel way. By having a go at the #downforone trend you may find yourself to be a much more grounded, socialised and aware individual. However, I want to express how important it is to put your phone down in the right situations also... the dinner table is most certainly not the place to be having another group conversation on Whatsapp.
Do you have any environments where you feel the smartphone SHOULD be put down for a short while?
EmilyBelleBlogs x