Sunday, 7 February 2016

January Sales Haul

Hello Everybody,
I know it's February now, however I thought you guys would like to see what I actually picked up in the January Sales (most of what I purchased was in the sales anyway). I love a bit of shopping but I have found more recently that I have actually not been on a proper shopping spree for a little while, mostly because I was busy saving money for a ski trip which is now only 5 days away... EEK! However, I thought with the money and vouchers in which I received over my birthday and over Christmas it was only right that I treated myself a little.

River Island

The shop that I went to first was River Island... mainly because I had a voucher for River Island so was prepared for a little shopping spree in here. The first thing in which I picked up was a beautiful sparkly geometric cropped top, with a lace up cleavage area and long flared sleeves. I have really been into more bohemian looks recently, thus I was very excited by this top, particularly when I saw that it was in my size and only £12.
I also picked up a beige *for want of a better word* jumper that has frayed/distressed edges, and is quite a loose fit. It also has this most lovely v-neck, which I don't normally go for as I get quite self-conscious with my little boobs, however it is actually quite flattering. Plus, when I picked up this jumper I thought it had been reduced to £12 from £20, however when it was scanned through it was only £8. I also bought a knitted grey vest top which I think will look really nice in the spring with a pair of black jeans, again this was only £10 I believe, thus an absolute bargain for River Island.
The final item of clothing I bought actually wasn't in the sale, but I kind of fell in love and therefore couldn't help but buy it. It is a beautiful cream colour, and also a very heavy, loose, yet warm material. This jumper again has a lace up cleavage area, and is so up my street, thus I wouldn't be surprised if you guys have an OOTD featuring it sometime soon.


I also did a spot of shopping in Boots, as I again was given a voucher for Christmas and there were a few bits I had been desperate to purchase for quite some time. The first thing a picked up was the Clinique Chubby Stick in the colour Super Strawberry, I received a sample of this in a magazine ages ago and loved it and haven't been able to purchase the real thing until now. £17 well spent I'll say! I also picked up the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish, yep, falling over another recent skincare hype... however, for £15 for a 100ml cleanser and two muslin cloths I didn't see the price being too steep, particularly if I was certain it would work. I will post more details on this next week as I do feel as though this product is deserving of a post on it's own.


I've never been to Tiger before but my Auntie recently recommended it too me, and it's like a mini IKEA. It has pretty much everything in it in a little mini compact shop. I love the Swedish, open, clean vibes of the shop and I am sure I will have a little spree in Tiger before I go off to Uni in September. I didn't actually buy much from Tiger, however I did get a little travel pillow as I am going skiing in 5 days, and I'm sure I will need something to rest my heavy head on during our long, long journey.


I'm normally not a huge Hollister fan, but true, Hollister is very much my style... bohemian "and all that jazz", however I do often find Hollister to be quite over priced, and often I can find cheaper alternatives of their clothing items in the likes of New Look and H&M. However, I will often find myself treking through the rails of clothes in the dingy lights and clouds of perfumes and body mists into the sale section at the back of the stores. 
I often pride myself on finding little gems hidden into little corners of shops in sales, and this was no exception. This time I found the most wonderful sleeveless swing dress with this beautiful (tribalish?) print on it... I've worn it out once or twice with my favourite cream cardigan, black tights and patent t-bar shoes already, although I am so excited to wear it out and about when I go to spain this summer with my rather over sized black fedora. I can't remember how much I actually bought the dress for in the end, but I can tell you that it wasn't half as pricey as it would've been before the price was reduced. 


The final shop I went into on my little shopping trip was Topshop. I wasn't planning on spending loads in Topshop as I do feel like I have plenty of clothes already however I LOVE LOVE LOVE Topshop jeans. I have been searching high and low for some non-ripped slim fit boyfriend jeans for ages *lets just say I want to embrace my inner Karlie Kloss, okay?* but I cannot find them anywhere.
Just when I was on the verge of giving up my mum found them hidden away in the corner... and after trying on the most unflattering MOM jeans in the world, I fell in love with some beautiful slim fit non ripped boyfriend jeans! Yes, it does mean that I am now £37 poorer... however, I would say I am richer in terms finally finding a pair of non-skinny jeans that don't make me look like I am wearing my Dad's old "mowing the lawn" pair from the 90s.

Did you buy anything in the January Sales?
EmilyBelleBlogs x