Sunday, 28 February 2016


Hello Everybody,
I'm going to make a real quick apology for my slightly short post today. I have been very busy this past week and I did not want to try and throw what is supposed to be a good post together in minimal time. I hope you all understand this slightly rubbishy post, whereby I will literally be giving you a very short update of my life.
My exams are looming and the coursework load seems to have doubled in just a week. I am almost certain that I spent most of last week on the verge of bursting into tears, yet then making relieved sighs as I completed things. Sometimes it is okay to admit that everything is getting a little too much, and I most certainly think it is okay to admit that in your last leg of high school. I don't often moan about work load, but considering the amount I have and the struggle I am having to motivate myself I think I'm allowed to moan this once.
I have also just come back from the most awesome week of my life... I went skiing last week and I really cannot describe to you how brilliant it actually was. I'm so sad it is over and I wish I could do the whole trip again. Santa Caterina was beautiful, and I can actually ski! I will be making a proper travel type post on this next week.
Finally, I am am 18 year old girl, and sometimes I want to live a little and do normal 18 year old girl things. I've always been quite the busy sort, particularly considering I juggle school, a job, hockey and scouting commitments into my life. But I also want to go out and party and socialise, particularly now I am 18 and I can go out and have a drink or two with my friends. Before recently I didn't really enjoy this, but I will admit now that I want to have a bit of fun and let my hair down every now and again. Plus, I want to enjoy my final few months at home, before I head off to different depths of the country to make new friends.
EmilyBelleBlogs x