Sunday, 3 April 2016


Hello Everybody,
In spring there is nothing I love more then having little day out with friends or family in the sun visiting my favourite places. One of my favourite cities in the UK is definitely Cambridge. It has a sense of calmness, and always seems so well looked after compared to most cities in the area. Not only that, but even if you are a regular visitor, there is still a nice touristy vibe about the city which means you can whip your camera out and take pictures of the beautiful architecture without looking at all out of place.
I'll be honest I didn't actually take any photos whilst I was in Cambridge on Wednesday (apart from the picture above) as I was actually working on something else that ended up being a little bit of a failure... but I thought I could still talk about my little day out, as well as suggesting places I think you should go when you go to Cambridge.
Whenever I go to Cambridge with my mum we always use the Park and Ride service, I have driven into Cambridge city centre before and parked in the multistory but if you can I highly recommend the Park and Ride. Queuing for the Lions Yard multistory takes friggin' ages and you waste quite a long part of your day whilst waiting to just get a parking space. Plus, the park and ride is quite a bit cheaper than parking in the city centre.
There are also plenty of places to eat in Cambridge, most of which are the larger companies in which we all know, but this is great because it gives us plenty of choice. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of places to stop and have a coffee. My mum and I however went to Yo Sushi, this was actually the first time I've ever been, but if you love Sushi I HIGHLY RECOMMEND... apart from the usual sushi dishes we had off of the conveyor, I tried the Salmon Teriyaki, and ohmygosh it is fudging wonderful.
I also did a little bit of shopping whilst in Cambridge, however, I thought I should just mention a few places I think you should go in Cambridge:

Kings Parade

This is the little stretch right in front of Kings College, which is probably one of the more famous colleges at Cambridge University. Not only can you sit on the wall and admire the beauty of the great building but there are also some really lovely souvenir shops along the parade. My personal favourite however is definitely Fudge Kitchen, students from the university run this cute little shop whereby they make different flavoured fudge from scratch, and you can actually watch them. This time I had the Salted Caramel Fudge after trying a free sample from a fresh batch that was still warm. It was so creamy and heavenly. I believe however some other university cities also have Fudge Kitchen stores, including Canterbury.

Mill Lane

Mill Lane is such a lovely spot next to the River Cam where you can stop to have a picnic and an ice-cream in the sun, or you can also have a go at punting. If you've never been punting in Cambridge before I would highly recommend getting a guided punting tour with one of the university students, you will see many people advertising these along Kings Parade and around Market Hill. On these tours the students will talk you through the different colleges along the river and the history of some of the colleges and bridges. However, if you have been before or just want a general laugh for yourself and friends you can hire a 6 man boat for yourself to go punting. Just mind the branches along the side of the river because they can knock you off of your feet into the river. That would be hilarious though.

What do you love about Cambridge if you've been? And if you haven't been, would you ever go?
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