Friday, 24 June 2016

Where have I been and what is to come?...

Hello Everybody,
It's been a while and a rather long hiatus. For once in my life it wasn't because I lacked ideas or because I didn't want to blog, it was because I had bigger things on my mind. A Levels. Yesterday I finished my final exam and my school days are now over. I'm not really entirely sure whether to happy that I have finished my exams or worried that the fate of my future is now no longer in my hands, but I know that I now feel a sense of impending boredom. Not that I am complaining that I no longer have anything to revise, but 3 months of having no final goal is potentially a recipe for wasting a quarter of my year in bed.
Therefore I have made a few plans...

"What are your plans Emily?" you may ask. Most of the time I know exactly what I want to do, but then there are other times when things aren't so crystal clear, and this is definitely one of those times. However, I do know I am looking to do something very much like what I did during my summer holidays in August 2014, which for if you haven't been around for that long, I tried my hand at blogging everyday for a month.
Blogging everyday for a month was rewarding and challenging at the same time. It made me gain a new found respect for bloggers that do this everyday of the year, because coming up with new content everyday is difficult, and for me: finding unique ways to take photos and do things on a low budget was even harder. Since then my budget has barely changed, I still take all of my blog photos on my phone, so although I am trying to improve my photography I am still limited and being able to compete with bloggers that have the money to build a brand is EXTREMELY difficult. Nonetheless, I'm not looking for miracles, and although a better readership would be lovely, I am doing this for myself, much like when I started out with this blog 3 years ago. To continue writing about what I love is what is most important to me, and to be able to do so more regularly  excites me.
More to the point however, I have decided that I do want to start blogging everyday this summer. I'm not 100% decided on a date in which I'll start doing it. Maybe next Friday as it is the 1st of July *scary stuff*? But I would like to pre-write a number of posts before I start to ensure I have bank of things written about for when I go away and stuff. But I do know it will happen.
I would like to continue with the same theme that I've always followed through with, posting about fashion, food, travel and a little sprinkling of beauty here and there. As well as some more topical issues that I feel are important for me to talk about. Without regard to the fact I would also like to take suggestions from my readers. What have you enjoyed seeing on my blog before? Is there anything new you'd like to see? Maybe I could even do some twitter polls for ideas?
Speaking of new things, I am looking into updating my blog a little bit. I am a little bit of a dinosaur when it comes to techy stuff and so have quite a bit of learning to do, but I would like to give my blog a little bit of a makeover. Slowly, I have fallen out of love with my design. I was 15 when I first started my blog, I loved pink and wanted a throw colour wherever possible to take the darkness out of a gloomy day, but that just doesn't feel right anymore. I know it may seem a little copycat with the likes of Victoria and Carrie both having very minimalist blog designs now. However, in their own unique ways their blogs look much cleaner than mine ever will with it's current design, and the editorial designs of both just seem much more professional and something I am keen to do. I know this will take time, so you will have to bare with me on this. Although, if you have any blog posts on tips for updating your blog design yourself then please hit me up with links because I seriously could do with any help given.
I think that is all I really have to say. Apart from the fact I have on and off dabbled with the idea of vlogging a little. I'm still not 100% sure though because the prospect still scares me a little and I still can't get my head around editing. But I dunno... maybe I'll try it again some time this summer, just for a bit of fun?
Anyway, I should probably leave you all to help me think of good blog post ideas *aha*!
Emily x