Saturday, 23 July 2016

I'm coming back!

I said I would try to blog every day in July but life somehow got in the way. I'd done so well, I'd even managed to write enough blog posts to last for whilst I was away on holiday. I then got back from holiday and life happened.

When I say life happened I do actually mean I was doing things. Catching up with friends really was on my agenda considering many of my friends were about to go away on their own holidays, but I also just wanted to chill. I guess you could say that I was in full on holiday relaxation mode. Although now, I feel ready to come back to my blog, with a skip in my step and ideas flowing.

For me, my blog is a place where I can be myself and ramble about all things enjoyable, and although today I've actually been having a pretty miserable day (sometimes hormones can just make you have a bad day) I have suddenly snapped out of it and feel quite optimistic. No matter how hard some things can get, and how crappy some things are, there is always something that you can find happiness in. My blog is one of them, and although tomorrow's post will go into more detail about making a bad day better, I want you all to know that no matter what rubbish may be being thrown at you now things always seem to work out.

I will talk to you all tomorrow, but in the mean time what would you like to see on my blog?
Emily x