Monday, 4 July 2016

June Favourites!

Hi again!

Today I thought I would do a favourites post, considering I do not actually remember the last time I wrote a favourites post and I thought it would be nice for you to know what I have been lovely recently. I also thought that in this post I would talk about more than just my favourite beauty stuff as I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, and I also don't use a massive variety of beauty stuff myself anyway.


I'll start off with the beauty stuff first, and the first thing I have been loving in the Rimmel London Volume Colourist mascara, which you may have seen advertised on the television recently. Not only does this mascara make my eyelashes look longer and more voluminous, in a natural way, it also tints and lengthens your natural lashes. Therefore, even when I haven't got the mascara on my natural lashes already look so much nicer. Mixed with some Eylure false lashes I really do love this new mascara.
I've also been loving the Soap & Glory Peach Party blusher. I've actually owned this blusher for some time now, but during the summer months, I certainly love this blusher a little bit more. Put about some bronzer, the peachy toned shimmery blusher really gives my face the slightly more golden glow it needs. Particularly considering the fact I look ill without it because I am so fair.
The final beauty product I have been loving is the St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub. This is such an underrated product, but the exfoliating formula of this product leaves my face feeling so freaking clean. Plus, it really did help me fight a breakout I was having during "that time of the month". It is a bit of a step down from my Clinique Cleanse and Polish, but it is certainly more affordable for myself.


There have been a few bits I have been loving in fashion terms in recent days, particularly as I absolutely adore summer fashion. This has been from crop tops to being able to wear more colourful patterns. But I have also loved being lounging around in my pretty pyjama shorts, which sounds really lame, but they are super comfy and only cost me £2.50. As lame as that certainly sounds there is nothing wrong with lounging around your house in comfy pyjama shorts and not having to find a proper outfit to throw on. Not to mention my new A-line Light wash Button-up denim skirt which I have been wearing non-stop recently.


This is going to sound really odd but my all time favourite cereal has always been Jordan's Chocolate Country Crisp. I used to have it every single morning when I was younger, and then they suddenly disappeared off of the shelves and for years I haven't seen it for ages. The the other day when I went to Tesco with my mum I spotted it and literally grabbed it off of the shelf. However, I do not think I will be buying this cereal every week because it isn't particularly cheap.


The song which I have been loving this month has got to have been "Tears" by Louisa Johnson and Clean Bandit. I don't actually know why I like it but it is one of those songs which I know all of the lyrics to and could listen to on repeat without getting bored of it.

I think that is all of my favourites for now, though, but I was wondering what you have been loving this past month?
See you tomorrow!
Emily x