Saturday, 9 July 2016

Leavers Ball "Shop My Outfit!"

Hello Everybody,

More excitement on my road to become a blogging nerd, I have worked out how to do a "Shop this Post" thingymabob, so today rather than just doing my normal OOTD/OOTN posts I thought I would give a bit more coding a whirl. I legit think I am becoming Karlie Kloss *paha, I wish!*.

Anyway, you will be aware from this post that I had a "Leavers Ball" last Thursday, which was a very dressy occasion. I actually loved my outfit, and in particular my dress because it was very bright and summery, yet still had a large amount of formality to the outfit. It was quite different from many peoples' choice of outfit, however I really enjoy wearing bright colours so the dress was right up my alley.

Last Thursday was such a lovely evening, and everyone looked so beautiful. I would say there was a large mixture of outfits worn on this occasion. There was a mixture of long and short dresses, and a mixture of colourful and monocrome outfits. All in all, however, I would say everybody put their own personal stamp on their individual outfits, and this made the evening even more special. For some of us it would be the last time we may see each other so I felt as though wearing an outfit that showed our personality was highly important.

I like to think of myself as having quite a colourful and cheery personality, and most of the time I am quite girly. Even being a hockey player and a scout, everything I own is either pink or purple, that's why I felt as though this dress was perfect for me. Not only that, but something that I pride myself upon is my legs, therefore for this event I knew I wanted to wear a short dress as to show something that I am actually happy with about my body. If you have boobs and want to show them off do it, do what makes you happy, and show off what you have got.

I wanted my outfit to also be affordable, as I am going to Uni soon and would rather be saving my money up to buy essentials for when I move. The shoes that I am actually wearing are from New Look from a few seasons ago, but I found a very similar pair from Boohoo which I hope are just as comfy as these. I also was wearing a necklace with my birthstone in it, in which my best friend got me for my birthday. I am unsure as to where she bought me this, as clearly it was a gift, but I was also aware that Topshop were currently selling birthstone necklaces so I have added that to this post instead.

I hope you have enjoyed this slightly new take on an outfit post from me.
See you tomorrow,
Emily x