Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Let's talk about: Periods.


Periods oddly enough are a bit of a taboo subject, and let's face it not something that are particularly talked about. Today I thought I would talk about periods, my struggles and tips. If you are a girl then I particularly suggest you keep on reading, and maybe we can start a discussion in the comments? If you are a guy and feel awkward about this then just close this page, or better still, keep reading this so that you have a better understanding of what a period is like for the woman in your life.

Let's face it, I don't want to be grim, and I won't be grim. I'm guessing if you've clicked on this you know what a period is so I won't go into the science of it all. But there is more to a period than what is on the tin so to speak, and sometimes it can be a whole lot more complicated than having to buy some tampons and sanitary towels once a month.

First things first, not all periods are regulated, particularly if said female is not using a contreceptive pill or implant for example. Periods are certainly not as simple as appearing every four weeks. Some peoples' cycles are shorter, some are longer. But, some people have no idea. One cycle it may be 3 weeks and the next it could be six. It's annoying as hell, particularly if you don't have the other tell tale signs that you mights be about to come on.

The moods are tempremental. I'll be honest and say that I do get a bit moody before my period. It's odd because you go from feeling completely normal one day to then feeling like poo. Often you think the world hates you and that you look like crap in anyway that you put on. What is worse is that even though many of us go through this regularly, a lot of the time it takes us until the end of our period to think, "Oh! That's why I cried at a picture of dog in a teacup last Tuesday!". Boys, sometimes we do just need a cuddle when we're in a mood because we also don't know why we feel rubbish either, but please do not assume that girl who is in a mood is "On the blob!". Just like you men we can also get moody at things such as, annoying friends or stressful days at work. If you can get moody, we can also get moody at things completely unrelated to our period.

The cravings are real and it does not mean that we are pregnant. According to google, "Another cause of cravings may be due to serotonin levels, which are generally lower during PMS. Serotonin is the feel-good chemical in your brain. When levels are low we crave sugars and especially other carbohydrates like potato chips. That's because the body uses carbs to make serotonin." This means that sometimes it's not actually our fault that we want someone to pop an oversized Galaxy Bar round, or that we can much through an entire bag of Doritos on our own in one sitting. Blame the hormones.

The last thing I'm going to moan about is the cramps. Sometimes we have a great completely pain free period. Everything is fine and dandy, and then other times in feels like somebody is literally twisting your insides non-stop. The pain can be unbareable, and sometimes we'd rather just lay on the bed all day dosed up on pain killers with a hot water bottle on our tummy or our back (or sometimes both). It's not a nice experience, and even though we may look like we just want an excuse to lay in front of the TV and eat chocolate, I promise we probably would much rather go out and make ourselves look beautiful, but on this day mother nature has different ideas. In my opinion exercise is the best relief, some people like to just initiate fetal position and wait for the pain to go, but there is only so long you can sit in that position before you get pins and needles in your feet.

What are your favourite period related life hacks?
Emily x