Saturday, 2 July 2016

My Lazy Summer Morning Routine

I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy (just kidding)... grab my glasses, that I actually do.

Hello Everybody,

I cannot fully remember if I've actually done  a morning routine before, but I thought that even if I have it was probably some time ago, seeing as I cannot actually remember when it was. Today, however, rather than showing you what I may do on a school morning, considering my school days are over, I thought I would talk you guys through what a more legitimate morning routine for my summer lazy morning's which are much more common for myself now that my school days are finished with.

Before I start, however, I should say that this is in no way set in stone. Some days I have plans which mean I need to get up earlier in the morning and possibly get ready in a bit more of a rushed manner, and on some days, in fact on more days than some, I simply cannot get out of bed and it feels like my mattress is sucking me into a giant vortex that I will never escape from.

I like to think I can get up at about 8:30 every morning, and although this is a tough feat, most of the time I just about manage with this task. As much as I would love to stay in bed all day, I also cannot stand the thought of wasting my day away by doing nothing but sleep. So although at the time I hate dragging myself up onto my feet, I tend to thank myself later when I have fulfilled all of the planned tasks for the day.

Usually, after fumbling around looking for my glasses I turn my phone on and catch up with the world on Twitter and Facebook, which is when I find that most things haven't changed since I left them during the early hours of the morning. After multiple cycles of looking at all of my social media, I usually stumble with great grace to the bathroom, often walking into a door or two on my way. This is where depending on what I did the night before I either wash from the sink or have a shower. As well as do a morning cleanse and moisturise to brighten up my face after a sleep that has only made me feel more tired than I did before going to sleep.

Once I have completed all of my ablutions and feel a little more revitalised I shimmy (I don't actually shimmy, the word just seemed more fun than strolled) back to my room to sit at my dressing table and fix my hair. Some mornings I can be here for a while, it really depends on whether I am going anywhere, and how much of a bad state I woke up in as to how long this can take. Sometimes this can mean that I am taming my hair back down from birds nest stage, or that I am hiding the breakout on my chin that can only be described as the next Alpine Mountain range.

After chucking some clothes on, which often results in my room looking a little like I have clothes for carpet and run down the stairs in the hope I haven't missed the beginning of Jeremy Kyle. I am being legit here if you do not find Jeremy Kyle a gripping drama, then you clearly do not know how to live your life. Normally, I will make a run for it during the advert break, because we're talking ITV boring adverts here, to grab myself some morning breakfast consisting of cereal orange juice. I enjoy this until This Morning comes on where I can also enjoy my morning fix of whom are my second favourite TV double (after Ant and Dec), Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

I hope you enjoyed having a little in site into my morning routine.
Emily x