Sunday, 17 July 2016


Sometimes, we as humans have this distinct habit of putting others before ourselves. Most of the time this can be great, as this can make us a caring person, and it is only human nature to take comfort out of making other people feel good. But other times it can mean that we completely sideline ourselves. We forget about current problems and become unproductive when it comes to sorting our own selves out because we haven't saved any time for this.

Self-care is so important because it is the foundations of both a physical and mental being. It is so easy to forget that we (like our pet rabbit) need to be looked after in order to lead a healthy life. Sure it is okay to go out for a "Cheeky Nandos" every once in a while, but what that becomes a habit it can also become unhealthy. In the long term we won't feel good about ourselves, and moreover, we will probably just live to regret our life choices without making any active changes in order to make our lifestyles better.
Source: weheartit

Simple steps can be taken to ensure we are looking after ourselves. We do not need to necessarily completely cut out all of our favourite foods or go on regular runs, but we can work towards making those changes that could potentially lead to you having a much better wellbeing. Your day starts from the moment you wake up, you have a choice of whether you are going to wake up when your alarm goes off or lay in your bed for hours. Yes, sleep is highly important, but we are not nocturnal, giving yourself a routine that allows you to get up at a reasonable time in the morning (whilst not feeling completely exhausted) will help you to feel refreshed but also give you more time in the day to be productive.

Start your day off positively. Drink a glass of water when you first wake up, to hydrate your body on the inside and out. Stretch, make your body feel good and ready to face the day. Have a cool refreshing shower, particularly on muggy mornings, when all you want to do is freshen up for the day. Don't skip breakfast, if you are not looking forward to breakfast then find something that you enjoy, whether that be a yoghurt, a fruit salad or a smoothie. Just be careful if you like cereal, choose cereals that are high in fibre but low in sugar, you don't want to have a sugar crash before the day has even properly begun.

If you need to pop to the shops to grab some lunch then don't drive. If the weather is nice take in some fresh air. A nice brisk walk is not only giving you exercise but it can be great for the mind too. Walking can help give you mind space and time to think. As well as being much better for the environment. If you can't get outside to do some exercise do something indoors. Run up and down the stairs a few times (be careful you don't slip though). Use a pint of milk like a kettlebell. Or you could even join a challenge with your friend. Do a plank or squat challenge, not only will you feel good about it but it can also give you something to talk about when you see your friends.

Eat clean, if you have a sweet tooth eat fruit rather than a packet of Haribo. Make sure your diet is balanced as well. Remember to not skip meals and graze less, if you want to graze, eat something such as a protein bar or nuts, they are filling and not as addictive as a packet of crisps would be. But, do not be that person who only eats rice or kale, you will not be getting all of the nutrients you need and you may actually end up feeling worse for it.

Finally, leave time for doing something you enjoy. Whether that is seeing your friends or reading a book. Sometimes this needs to be prioritised before we start thinking about needing to catch up with our social medias, which will no doubt either be really boring, or just make us feel jealous that other people have had a lovely day out, most likely looking after themselves.

Emily x