Monday, 25 July 2016


(Before I start this post I want to apologise for not actually posting yesterday, unfortunately, I had to rush into work and the time that I had set aside to write a blog post then became unavailable and so I had to sacrifice my blog. I will try not to do that again, as I do really want to try my best to write every day, but I'm normal and sometimes everyday things just get in the way.)

We all get it, we all have days where we would rather stay in bed and mope around in the hope that tomorrow will be better. All too often I get myself upset over silly little things and wonder why I'm even bothering with the day. But when I really sit here and think about it I know I have the power to cheer myself up. Sometimes I don't need other people to make my bad day better, I just need to get up and do something that I enjoy and do something that can really turn my day around.
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For me, I tend to get myself most upset when I don't have a distraction. Sometimes being on you own in your own room surrounded by four walls and your thoughts can really consume you. There isn't anything wrong with being in your own space, but your room isn't made to be a place for focusing on negativities in. Our room is supposed to be our sanctuary; a place that we can do things to escape from the toxic world we live in. Our rooms should be filled with things we love, pictures of happy memories, books that we can lose ourselves in or even a place where we can go to watch our favourite movie without any distractions.

It's odd to think that we leave babies crying on their own to teach them how to self-sooth when sometimes we as adults can't even do it. I know when I'm feeling rubbish I will often find myself on my phone having scrolled through Instagram or looking at peoples' Snapchat stories, without thinking that it probably isn't helping my situation. Social media has become a place for people to glamourise and show off their lives because let's face it, nobody wants to be showing off the not so glamourous side to their lives. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that because we don't want the internet to become a negative space, but when we are feeling down in the dumps seeing other people out having a great time is just going to make us feel even more rubbish about our current situation.

I thought I would gather a list together of things that we should be doing to cheer ourselves up:

  • Watch a Disney movie- let's face it there is nothing more comforting than watching a feel good movie that makes us feel all warm inside.
  • Have a shower or a bath- Sometimes just having a wash can make you feel better. I often see it as washing all of the rubbish that the day has thrown at me down the drain, it can be truly rejuvenating.
  • Listen to happy music- there is nothing better than having a little groove to an upbeat song; not only that, but it can release happy hormones in the meanwhile.
  • Make yourself laugh- Find something that makes you genuinely laugh, whether that be the video of The Sneezing Panda or by watching your favourite TV comedy chat show or even just reading a joke book.
  • Read a book- sometimes there is nothing better than getting your head stuck into a gripping novel that will leave your mind thinking about things unrelated to what my previously have been bothering you.
  • Let it out- it can be good to just have a good old cry at times. It stops emotions from piling up and making you feel unnecessarily run down.
How do you cheer yourself up?
Emily x