Saturday, 16 July 2016

Summer Evening Routine

Hello Everybody,

The other day I shared with you my summer morning routine, and so I thought it would only be fitting for me to also share with you my summer evening routine as well. I'll be honest and say that it often depends on what I have been doing during the day and evening as to how my evening routine actually pans out. However, I am going to base this routine on how I may get ready for bed in the evening if I have spent the evening inside.

Once I have finished my dinner, which if I am at home and haven't been to work or something I tend to have with my family I normally head upstairs to chill for a little while. My chilling normal consists in chatting to some of my friends on social media as well as watching some TV. My favourite programmes to watch are crime programmes (real or not) and I do like the odd medical programme, which can be a bit odd but gore doesn't particularly bother me... just other things do. I also really like BBC 3 series' as well.

Once I have done this, by which time it's normally really late because I have got to engrossed into whatever I've been doing and fail to realise that time has flown by I usually get undressed and head to the bathroom. I normally take out my lenses which by this point are drying out my eyes like crazy (I should take them out earlier) and take off my makeup with a trusty makeup wipe. I then jump into the shower and wash (I tend to wash my hair every two days). As weird as this sounds I also like to cleanse my face whilst still in the shower, as well as brush my teeth, besides, it gives you something to do whilst you are waiting for the shampoo to wash out of your hair.

I then towel dry my hair and head back to my room. I often blow dry my hair for a short while just to stop my hair from dripping but I do also do not dry it completely because I try to expose my hair to as little heat as possible in the summer. I usually just french braid my hair instead. I then like to slather myself in moisturiser before putting my pyjamas on and tucking myself into bed.

I have one last look on my phone and then it's lights out for me.
Emily x